I think I'm in love with Meghan McCain

Yeah, John McCain’s daughter.

I’ll be honest. I knew absolutely nothing about her before. Iin America, where the candidates’ wives and kids are more important than the candidates’ platforms, I think that makes me politically uninformed.

She was on Colbert the other night, though, and she referred to herself as a “pro-sex, pro-life, pro-gay marriage woman”. She also referred to the Republican Party as having been hijacked- as close as I’ve heard any Republican not on these boards come to admitting that it’s time to get rid of the religious right.

As far as her social outlook goes, two out of three ain’t bad. Plus, she’s hot.

Now, before I call the wifey and tell her I’m replacing Elisha Cuthbert on The List, I’m sure there’s something wrong with her… so what am I missing?

She calls herself pro-life, but her actual philosophical statements on the matter are supportive of her (and I think others’) right to choose.

I liked when she said that Sarah Palin was a topic she wouldn’t comment on (presumably out of respect to her father).

I think you mean “vocal conservatives that spend all their time in Great Debates.” I don’t trust politicians in general, dislike the Democrats on the economic front and the Republicans on the social front, come from an Independent-Republican family and have always been registered Republican myself. OTOH I am certainly not going to voice my opinions about my former bosses (recently replaced) whilst on Uncle Sam’s dime, ya know :wink:

OTOH, I think my head nearly exploded today reading that NY Times Article along the lines of “Oh, I’m a business writer for the New York Times and I’m a crapbillion in debt on account of my subprime mortgage and my second wife who is a spendthrift! But I shouldn’t have to bear any responsibility for my financial mess! Let’s tax the rich for it and get people like me out of debt!” Okay, I may have thrown in that last bit but it was a little hard reading about the new CC legislation and then reading that story. Made we want to vomit thinking about how I eked out my clerkship salary in a 350 sq. studio on the wrong side of town and STILL had savings (even after amassing and starting to pay down 60K in student loans) but people expect me to be sympathetic when they whine about how being a journalist gives you expensive tastes but you can’t keep up with your sellout friends so you end up in debt. Then I kept thinking about how I paid over 50% of my income for a bankrupt state (awesome!) and started to get pretty huffy over having to vote Democrat (addendum: I like Obama, I do not necessarily like all of his cronies).

Basically it kind of sucks that your voting choices are limited to Science and Spendthrifts and Entitlements on one side and Gayhating + Jesus and Some Measure of Fiscal Responsibility (past, not the Bush Administration) on the other, but I’m gonna go with science. It’s been tipping the voting balance for now.

Well, she did whimp out when it came down to the face licking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Republicans haven’t really been the party of fiscal responsibility since Nixon, at the most. They still claim to be, but without any actual evidence.

Yeah - she was articulate and I agreed with her on the social issues. She was funny, held up well to his interviewing style, and happens to be rather good looking to boot.

I hope her and similar people take leadership roles in the future.

“Good looking women”? :smiley:

Well, she’s basically an idiot who has gotten where she is through nepotism. She’s not really a republican. She only switched parties in June of '08 as “a symbol of my commitment to my dad and to represent the faith I have in his ability to be an effective leader for our country and to grow and strengthen the Republican party when he is elected President of the United States.” I wouldn’t necessarily see a problem with that if it weren’t for the fact that she is a shameless, opportunistic, attention-whoring troll. She’s not as evil or malicious as Coulter (et. al), but giving her a legitimate platform really undermines any commitment to intelligent, reasoned discourse.

Well, she was registered as independent before she changed to Republican, so it’s hard to say that she actually ‘switched parties’ when she didn’t have a party affiliation originally. At least before Palin came into the picture, McCain Republicanism looked very different from Bush Republicanism – while McCain himself was a social conservative, he was seen several times saying that he believed social issues were best left to the states to decide. Meghan may have made the switch because she supported this change in the party’s ideology. (Which was, of course, thrown out the window when Palin became the VP candidate, but I doubt Meghan would have abandoned her father then.)

And as for the ‘attention whoring’ – she’s a politician, publicity is the whole point. But I’m still listening if someone has a more legitimate criticism of her.

Ok, so she switched political affiliations. Are you really making this a semantics issue?

Which is not what she professes to believe. More importantly, Bush and McCain are pretty cozy on most issues.

McCain did not support or advocate a change in the party’s ideology. This revelation should have come to anyone who had been paying a attention long before he tapped Palin.

She’s not a politician - that’s the problem. She is just another commentator (talking head) who knows far to little about what they talk about. We certainly don’t need another one of those, particularly when they didn’t even work to earn their position. At least the Beck’s, O’reilly’s, Olbermann’s, and Moore’s of the world actually worked their way up the ladder through hard work. She’s a trust fund kid who found that she could make a career based on her lineage.

But the most annoying thing to me is that she is just not a serious person. She is a joke, who for some unfortunate reason has decided to comment on very serious issues that affect people’s lives. She admits she know nothing about economics, saying the following:

“I didn’t even take econ in college. I don’t completely understand it so I’d hate to make a comment one way or the other. That’s – truly of all the things – I keep reading and I just don’t understand it.” - Meghan McCain

Fair enough, but then don’t spout off in subsequnt interviews about how a second stimulus doesn’t make sense, etc. I’m not trying to contend that she is an evil person who is destroying the republic. You probably won’t find out that she kicks puppies or collects baby skulls in her spare time, but she is also not warrant anyone’s adulation or attention.

Well, they are at the local city/state/county levels. But that’s only because at those levels it’s impossible to intentionally deficit spend (or they would have figured out a way to do so). I’ve known many people who then erroneously extend that ethic to the national level and claim with a straight face that the republican presidents are fiscal conservatives.

Beats Rush, Newt and Dick any day. :slight_smile:

I’m not in love with her 'cause I don’t swing that way, but I do like her. She and I have similar political views, so that of course is in her favor as far as my opinion of her goes.

More reasons for the love (bolding mine):

It runs in the family.
“The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should … I am not an expert on Wall Street. I am not an expert on some of this stuff.” -John McCain

Except he’s a veteran Senator and former Presidential candidate, who is very serious about the economy, despite his obvious lack of expertise. Phil “we shouldn’t regulate credit default swaps/repeal Glass-Steagal/nation of whiners” Gramm was his economic chief and he famously insisted that the fundamentals of the economy were strong the day before the economy imploded. She’s a blogger. If she should not “spout off” then he should shut his trap too. And resign.

Actually, I think it was the day that the Dow had a multi-thousand point drop.

You might fall out of love with Meghan McCain if you saw her appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO last month. She came off as really ditsy and ill-prepared. She said that Obama should stop blaming GWB, to which Paul Begala said something about how Reagan blamed Carter for eight years. She replied with something about she wouldn’t know anything about the Reagan years as she wasn’t born yet. Begala replied that he wasn’t around for the French Revolution, but he knew about it. Watch it here.

I wish she was smarter and / or more educated, but I can’t fault her general attitude. Contrast her with Sarah Palin. I don’t think either would be the big champ on Jeopardy, but their attitudes are completely different. Palin pretends to be down-to-earth when really she’s a self-absorbed whackadoo. Meghan actually seems like a real person you could have a fun conversation with, even if you disagreed with her.

Too bad she doesn’t have the perspective of reality on those years, then she could have told Begala he was full of shit. Reagan scarcely mentioned Carter (neither did most of the rest of the country) once the election was over, much less every day. He merely took over and began governing the country properly. Begala is a liar, a bully and an asshole.