I think it would be hilarious if Kevin McCarthy lost his next election

Here’s hoping. Maybe I’ll donate to whoever is running against him. He just does not belong in congress.

Bad news – the final redistricting map approved by California’s independent redistricting commission takes his district from one that went to Trump by 21 points to one that would have backed Trump by 31 points. He might have been vulnerable in a primary once upon a time, but he’s done a sterling job of buttressing his MAGA credentials.

His primary opponents need to run continuous ads about how he wants a commission to look into the insurrection, and how he knows that Trump bears responsibility for Jan 6, and how he admitted that the whole thing was obviously pre-planned because “People had, had real worked out plan. They scaled walls. They brought ropes.”

He’s obviously faking his Trump credentials. He’s a deep state plant, put in by the communist fascist liberals who want to force everyone to do CRT things and get abortions.

Bring up his expletive laced shouting match with Trump, when he told Trump to call off the rioters. He DARED to tell Dear Leader what to do.