I think I've been scammed on an e-deal, what do I do?

I placed an ad in an alt.computer.marketplace newsgroup, and someone told me that they had the computer & card I was looking for. They required a postal money order for the transaction, which I purchased and sent along. It has been a month, and still nothing.

The person just sent me a note (after I sent a note to him and abuse@his ISP.com) stating that he hadn’t packaged it yet.

I have all of our email discussions, which detail our “transaction”. What should I do to get this resolved?

oh, and another thing, I’m in the Midwest, this person is in NY.

Any help appreciated

The fact that he’s still corresponding with you is sort of a good sign. Check Googlegroups for his Usenet history. Does he post at all?

You could post a query on that newsgroup seeking others who’ve had problems with the seller.

How much money was involved?

Did he give you his home address? You could probably look up his phone number. I think you should only buy things from people have got a good reputation such as people on ebay that have lots of positive feedback.

From http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/fraud/

I am not a lawyer, but because you purchased a postal money order and sent it through the USPS I believe that qualifies as a “postal related violation”. You can always file a complaint and have them investigate it. The worst they copuld do is say that no this does not count as a postal related violation. Like it says, you probably won’t get the money back from them, but it is an option.

There is also the ever propular small claims court. I have no idea if the costs in your municipality justify it, but it is an option.

Hopefully a doper with more experience in this sort of thing can give you more options.

The amount in question is $275, and this was my first time buying from an unknown seller in many years. I could just kick myself for not doing either COD or PAYPAL.

I’ve thought of the small claims court thing, but alas he is out of state. Depending on what it would take to get the case to a judge, though, I would take vacation and go to NY for this as well as entertainment purposes.

I agree that it is good that he still corresponds now and then, but I just want my product that I purchased, and that’s it. uggghh!! the frustration!!