I think I've just discovered the greatest rock band in history

I discovered this band on the Something Awful Forums.

I bring you:



These guys are lyrical geniuses.


Now, lets meet the members:

And so on…

I think there are about 14 members all up.

I think this band is a slighty unsubtle parody, though. I mean, no one could be this stupid, right? Am I right folks?

I want to say “Yes”. I really do…

However, people really can be that stupid…

I live in Gainesville, which is the next decent-sized town north of Ocala. I follow the music scene here (which is decent, since we’re a college town), and I’ve never heard of these guys, or heard about them coming up here to play shows.

I think there is also a rap group from Ocala called “Thug Pimp,” which also smacks of parody to me.

That sort of thing really happens, with everything from the “Haw haw, we’ll use ‘vox’, right, instead of ‘vocals’ 'cause people’ll think we’re astute” to the rather obscene lyrics and phony poetic license.

This, however, is not such an example. You can feel the anguish he expresses as he contemplates the very opposites of existence; the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, if you will. An obvious Shakespeare influence (Hamlet) can be seen. We, as the audience, should catch on that such anger can be traced to the fact that he is indeed “not fucked”, and we see the irony and fine use of word-play imposed in such a statement.

We would be privileged to hear more interpretations of the Human Condition from this rising young group.

I thought this thread was going to be about The Marshall Tucker Band-- Imagine my disapointment.

Yea, DiSoRdErLy might be ok but I bet they don’t have anything on The Icy Hot Stunaz.

Wristy… If SA is still producing things as awesome as your name, I’m really tempted to beg them to let me buy another membership.

Ah, weren’t they the best?

Umm, I hate to tell you this, but “The Greatest Rock Band In History” is The Rolling Stones. :wink:

Naw, I was certain it was about Tenacious D.

And I thought it would be about Nirvana.

Woe is me…

Actually, they’re the Grayest Rock & Roll Band in the World.


I listened to their song, “Bring Me Down.” ThEy 0//nz0r SLiPkn0t. Or however you say that.

Now that’s an odd way to spell RUSH! :wink:
You all knew someone was going to mention them, so I figured I’d get it out of the way!



All I have to say is, Wristy McSlashalot has the funniest goddamned name I’ve seen in a long time.

I think it’s definitely a parody. If you go to the website, everything has a (sic)–

Be SuRe To SpReAd thE (sic)ness tO EvErYoNe YoU KnoW…

DiSoRdeRly: Muse-(sic)

ThE TiMe HaS FinALLY ComE foR ouR (sic)nEss To BE Unleashed
to ThE MaGGots…

Which smacks of parody to me. Poking fun at the mere flirtation these types of bands have with correct spelling (as opposed to a long-term affair, I suppose).
Plus, 14 members is making fun of the bloated size of nu-metal groups. Aren’t some of the people in the photos shown twice? Not to mention that one of them, “Smokes”, sole purpose is “fog machine/booking.”

It’s pretty funny, though.