I think I've made a shocking discovery! (Heroes and Kids in the Hall related)

Firstly, go to YouTube and watch this video. Nextly, watch an episode of Heroes if you haven’t already. Thirdly, go back to that Youtube video and pause it at the 1:02 mark. After thatly, take a good long look at that guy standing behing Mr.Monkey Mask at the bank…look familiar? Look an awful lot like the guy who plays Peter Petrelli in Heroes?! I think it is!

Is there any way to confirm if it’s him or not? Part of me says it’s not, because the guy in the Kids in the Hall sketch looks the way the actor does now, but that sketch is like 8 or 9 years old, so maybe not.

Anyone else think it could be him?

Highly unlikely.

KitH was filmed in and around Toronto, Ontario - I don’t think they ever ranged further away than Durham Region (I’m sure there’s a couple scenes filmed in Oshawa).

Milo Ventimiglia is from Anaheim, California, which is rather far afield for an extra appearing for a handful of seconds in a KitH sketch.

It looks like him from a distance, but not really up close. Mostly it’s the hair.

KitH ran from 1988-1994, so Milo would have been at most 17 when the show ended. And his IMDb listing doesn’t start until 1995. It’s beyond doubtful.