I think karma is mad at me

What did I do to piss off the gods? I want to work in the States, and I’m trying so hard to make that happen. But it seems that the world is not cooperating.

I need to pass an exam before I can be certified as a medical technologist in the States. I had a very difficult time getting the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) to recognize my degree and allow me to sit for the exam. Dozens of photocopies and official documents and course outlines, and phone call after phone call, jumping through every hoop they offered me, because I want this. I finally got news early last week that I was in fact eligible to write the exam, and I was to call this 1-800 number to make my appointment.

My happiness was short-lived, because it all started again. They can’t access my file, please call the ASCP to fix that. I call, the ASCP says ok it’s fixed, try calling tomorrow for the appointment. After a week of “calling tomorrow”, I’m still not registered for the exam and I don’t seem to be any closer to getting there. The testing center has outsourced its call center to India, and their employees don’t seem to understand much more than what’s in their scripts, because the “please call ASCP to remedy this problem” line is all any of them can do for me, despite my attempts to tell them that I tried that. Not a single one of them has actually listened to me and suggested any new ideas. I asked for a supervisor, but I’ve worked in call centers, I know they’re not usually that much more helpful. Besides which, all the guy did was take my number down and say he’d call me back. He never did. I managed to get the number for the local outlet of the testing center from them, only to discover that I really do have to call the central 800 number for the appointment. To her credit, the woman at the ASCP who I’ve been calling to try and fix this is starting to sound as frustrated as I feel, and she’s very apologetic. But I was hoping to write the exam during the first week of August, and that’s looking less and less possible as time inches by.

I’m sick of this. It shouldn’t be this hard. The exam’s not the hard part. I’m ready for that. But I’m starting to get paranoid and think that America doesn’t want me there. I’m visiting my boyfriend in a month, which will cheer me up, but I know how much fun it’ll be getting there. :rolleyes:

I’m so discouraged.