I think Mr Bush should give up his bicycle.

Another ride another accident.


Didn’t bush fall of an un-fall-offable segway?


Exactly how does one plow into a policeman? As athletic as Mr. Bush is, surely he could have the ability to manuver a bike to avoid the collision. Very strange. Did they do a BAC test?

Coming around a blind corner at speed perhaps? Or, policeman and Bush are both startled at the same time and both move the same way?

If he sold his bicycle, how would he pedal his ass to Big Business?
[sub]I’m never sure which homonym to use when writing such lines. Is there a convention?[/sub]

On the Scene Reportage:

Is there some rule against biking in the rain now?

Do I think I’m king of the world or something when I go riding in the rain?

Do you get a big dirty stripe up your backside?

Yes, is that what marks me as “king of the world?” What if I go riding with a friend, do we have to share the title?

Man’s a menace.

You can be Ceasars and Co-Augustus. Something from Western Civ I. Whatever.

I knew we’d segue to that topic pretty quickly!

Cool bananas! What powers do I get?

Which was, of course, a reply to the meat eating plant.

You’re a freaking 1920s style “Death Ray”. You don’t need any more powers. You might, however, be interested in a shark or two.

The '20s version isn’t as leathal as some may have lead you to believe.

Shark? Tell me more.

Well, let’s see…you may play a musical instrument while your capital city burns; you get to pick the national religion and you may make up and enact all by yourself interesting legislation such as “all laws, including this one, shall be illegal.”

Awesome! That was the first time I’ve ever burst out laughing just from reading a thread title. Kudos, Reeder.

(Because I had already heard about his latest bicycle accident).

And I think you’re right.

My sister told me aout this. I thought it was the setup to a joke.

“Bush fell off his bicycle today.”
“Oh, yeah?”
“Yeah, he crashed into a Scottish Policeman.”
“Uh -huh…”
“That’s it.”
“I don’t get it.”