I think my apartment is pulling a fast one on me.

I live in an “apartment” that is on the campus of the univeristy I currently attend.
In July of 2006 I paid for a full year of rent.

I got a notice yesterday saying that I now have a balance due, of 30 dollars.

This notice comes from the “new” owners of the porperty who started managment in May 2007.

I have a copy of the check, complete with a signature of an employee of the previous management.

I’m not excatly sure what the 30 buck balance is for. If it is for rent, I don’t see how I should have to pay.

Whats the SD here?

How in the hell can you ask what the SD is w/o providing the pertinate details. If you have a specific lease contract, and you have met the stipulations of that contract, then there must be some extenuating circumstances involved, otherwise asking for additional payment is a breach of contract. On the other hand, thirty dollars seem a petty thing to dispute on a years lease

have you tried inquiring directly with the management company?

In response to both, I don’t have that info.

Thats why I am asking (the SDMB) now.

I was thinking it was breach of contract, but I didnt know if I could go with that.

You should have a copy of any contract you signed, if not that’s mistake number two, (number one was not reading and understanding the contract before you signed it). No one can answer your question w/o more info., but again, what is the $30 for, and why is it a big deal?

Whoever wants the $30 has a phone number. Call the number, and ask what you’re getting in exchange for your $30. Also ask why they think you have an obligation to pay it – do they think you signed something? Also, find your lease. It’s a contract that you signed, and you need a copy to protect yourself from this kind of voodoo. If they mailed it to you and it truly is a fee that you have no obligation to pay, you might get them to back down by threatening to file charges of mail fraud – but if you don’t even know where your lease is, I don’t think it would be wise to try this bluff.

Aside to A.R. Cane: it’s “pertinent”.

The information you need is not here; it is with the company who is asking you for $30 and in your contract.

Or possibly not.

Anyway its not breach of contract – they’re trying to modify the contract which may or may not be permitted, depending on facts which you are apparently unable to provide.

If they’re managing the apartments for the university, rather than being the new owners, then they also have a contract with the university. There may be someone at the university that you can contact for information or that you can complain to if you can’t work things out with the management firm.

Learning to work the system is also part of your education. Think of this as an assignment in life experience and not just as a drag. There will be further tests later.

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Call the property management company. The letter should be on letterhead, which should have an address and phone number. When there’s time, I go through our computer system, and start sending out letters for small amounts in arrears–sometimes those amounts sit for months. Could be an NSF charge, could be a parking fee… Call the property management company.

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