I think my calories in/out ratio is about equal

So this morning I ran 1.5 miles to the gym, worked out for about an hour and fifteen min, and ran home. Sounds like a good start to the day, no? Well, I had the good fortune to be invited to Sirloin Stockade (an all-you-can-eat buffet) for a friend’s graduation party. This is what I got.

1st course:

2 ladles of macaroni and cheese
1 HUGE spoon of mashed potatoes,
1 slice of pizza (thats about 1/3 normal slice)

2nd course:
2 more slices of pizza
2 HUGE spoons of mashed potatoes

3rd course:

1 medium sized salad (tomatoes, peppers, pickles, lettuce, cheese, salsa, few croutons, no dressing)


4 ladles of chocolate pudding with clotted cream
2 brownies with strawberry sauce
1 slice cheesecake
1 slice chocolate cake
1 ladle of applesauce
1 slice fruitcake
1 slice of watermelon
1 chocolate chip cookie.

I felt nauseated so I had to leave the party, go to the local punk music store, walk around for 10 minutes, come back, use the restroom, go to the music store for another 10 minutes, and only then was I able to go into the restaurant without feeling nauseated. I still couldn’t sit down without feeling sick though.

About half an hour ago, I came back from a run that lasted 1:18:42. I ran between 8 and 9 minute pace, so i’m guessing i covered about 9 miles. My lunch was over 6 hours ago and I’m still not the least bit hungry. This is definitly not going to be a habit, but once or twice per summer, I think its worth it.

Pointless? yes. Mundane? yes. Must I share? Yep. “Submit New Thread.”