I think my email is being monitored!

Well, email and everything else. I’m not great enough at computers to find out for sure, but strange things are afoot here at work.

I work with someone who is a complete busybody and is constantly throwing me under the bus. She is worried about keeping her job. It’s all a very long story, but essentially, what I’d like to know is, what do I look for on my machine or hers in order to find out? I’ve run adaware and spybot, but so far all they’re turning up is regular 'ol cookies. I’ve heard that some of the keylogging programs you can get out there are very stealthy.
I’m not sending anything over email that would compromise me, and I don’t really care if she can read this particular post, but it would be nice to know just the same.

Whattdaya got?

Who do you work for? You don’t have to give the name. Is it a large company or a corporation? If you work for a corporation, the computers will usually all be connected to a network and they might be able to monitor you.

Chances are that your mail all(incoming and outgoing) goes through a server on your company’s network, in which case monitoring it is a trivial task; it’s not unlikely that your internet connection goes through some kind of proxy, in which case, again, monitoring it is trivial. Even if it goes through a fairly ordinary router, it’s still quite easy for your IT dept to monitor.
Not much you can do about it apart from obey the rules; then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Yeah. I do. I’m not worried about the I.T. cats, they’re ok and don’t want to bother me. It’s this person I work with. I just wanted to catch her fishing for ammunition.

OK thna, If you suspect that some unauthorised keylogging/trojan software/device has been installed on your machine by a malicious colleague, why not ask your IT dept to check it out?

You certainly have a point. If I was sure she was doing it. But if I’m just being paranoid, why would I want to have to drag the I.T. people into it and possibly make a mess out of something unnecessarily? It’s entirely possible that they would ask the same question you are, and probably more before they agree to look into it, and I have to tell you, it seems a little hostile.

But again, really all it comes down to is that I suspect, but I might just be paranoid.

Check for a physical logging device too. A thing attached to the keyboard cord, or even a modified keyboard.

If you can install software on your machine then Prevx may be helpful:

[url=http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1760225,00.aspPrevx also complains constantly if a keylogger is running.

Prevx has a free home edition


Prevx also complains constantly if a keylogger is running.

Thanks, PatriotX .
That’s something I can look into.

Oh, and Kozmic , Yeah, it’s a huuuge company, and I know the I.T. people CAN monitor, they just generally don’t. Or rather, they’re busy trying to catch people gambling, using I.M. too much, or looking at porn.

citybadger , there is no obvious extra external hardware.

Mangetout , you’re right. I’ll keep following rules and keep my nose clean.

C’ext true. A few weeks ago I deleted an email message that I really needed to keep. I called up the national helpdesk and asked for a full restore of my in-box for the past 2 days. When I explained further that it was only one particular e-mail that I needed to recover, the guy started flipping through my inbox right there on the phone with me:

And just like that it was right back in my in-box.

How do you think she’s getting e-dirt on you? Does she have admin rights to your PC?

Yeah. She has admin rights to everything. We’re Exec. Assistants. She’s been doing it for 26 years. I was hired to replace her when she retired. She suddenly decided she doesn’t want to retire, and the games have begun. Mostly, it’s not that big a deal, but I’m starting to want to worry a lot about everything because I’m not always here to defend myself, since I spend a lot of time with one of our other bosses in another office and things tend to get to a major boiling point with my big boss before I even know what’s coming down. So when I DO find out that my words have been twisted, or I’ve gotten blamed for something I had nothing to do with, by the time I get to defend myself, it’s somehow hollow. She’s been here so long, she can do no wrong, and since I’m the new kid, everything I do is suspect. I know it sounds pretty lame, but sometimes I just want pre-emptive strike capabilities. If she’s mining for something she can use, I’d like to know about it.

I’m never going to get anywhere in corporate america. I’m far too lazy to do these kinds of things to people. :slight_smile: