I think my Girlfriend is crazy

My girlfriend keeps saying gangs are out to get her and that they have a reputation to break up couples and that they’re organized, and they harass her, and she has reported them to the police, and that no one understands her. She’s saying her cellphone was hacked and tablet. She says this organization is primarily white, has people under the age of 16 harassing her.

My g/f isn’t a stupid person she is at University. She’s Chinese, maybe her upbringing has something to do with it?

I know she’s not right in that regard because I sent her some presents and there was a delay in the arrival, and she stopped communication with me for a short while due to her place being ‘Intercepted’ I’m thinking ‘What the hell’

Is she suffering from some sort of Psychosis? What should I do?

I think you mean your girlfriend may be mentally ill. All girlfriends are crazy.

I think so. Could it be stress that is a trigger?

Beat me to it by 6 minutes.

I’m assuming that you are not a mental health professional and have little chance in helping her. In that case, help yourself by dropping that GF. There are plenty of less crazy women out there.

Is there any chance that she is using some kind of stimulant to help her with her studies? I know of quite a few cases of students using stimulants legal or illegal where there best friends had no idea.

Not that I’m aware of, but she’s had a pretty stressful life, I read something on psychosis in which stress is a trigger.

If your girlfriend is suffering from psychosis, no matter what the trigger, she needs to see a professional. This is true even if she’s stressed and/or abusing speed or caffeine.

You should try to have a serious talk with her about your concerns, but ultimately, this is probably not something you can help with beyond pointing her to local doctors who handle this sort of thing.

There is little you can really do other than move on. Paranoia like this is generally indicative of serious, long term, chronic mental issues that will never be fully cured but can sometimes be managed to a degree with medication. And they tend get worse with time. You can try to point her in the right direction medically but it’s unlikely she will follow your advice.

1: Don’t make babies with her

2: Get the fuck out of there, you are only at the beginning cusp of this process. These kind of mental diseases often hit in the mid to late 20’s and it gets lots, lots worse in most cases as time progresses.

Sounds like “gang stalking”.


Thanks man, she actually used the term ‘Gang Stalking’ <sigh> this sucks.

I know someone who tells similar stories, shes a meth addict. People are following her, she needs to be with her family to “protect” them (family wants nothing to do with her)

This has been going on for years and she keeps claiming imminent danger is about to befall her family from various “bad people”.

If you saw her on the street you would never guess it, gorgeous, well groomed, well spoken, but nuttier than squirrel crap.

Is she at a university near you, or is this a distance relationship? If she’s nearby, you might stand more chance of getting her to a doctor yourself - is it something you think she’d consider doing, just to reassure you?

If she’s at a uni that’s not so close, do you know any of her friends there? Are they also concerned? There is probably some sort of university support they can all access, which might get her into the treatment she sounds like she needs.

Doing nothing and hoping she gets better on her own doesn’t sound like a good bet to me. And while she might well be really pissed off at you in the short term, long term when she’s better, she’ll realise she needed help.

Don’t where you are based on your phrase ‘at university’, but in the US many (most? all?) schools would take a great interest in and provide help to a student with mental health issues. Try to get he to talk to someone at the school, or if you think this is serious enough contact them yourself.

I’ve spoken to her about it before, I theorized she might have schizophrenia however that obviously didn’t go down well, so I investigated further into what she was talking about, how long this went on for, it’s sad man, she’s really smart and really attractive.

It might be a good idea for you to have a chat with your own physician or therapist. He or she might be able to give you contact info for local groups and maybe some ideas for how to discuss this with her. It’s a crying shame, but there’s not a whole lot that can be done other than to see that she has the information.

Sounds like a psychosis to me. I’ve know a couple people with similar conditions. It’s a very difficult situation to deal with. One got better. The other did not.

Sometimes they can’t be saved and have to be let go.

Good heavens. Good luck.

Oh my, that is just terrible and sad.