I think my husband has discovered the trick to world peace.

Today he came home in between meals so that we could buy him another pair of kitchen shoes. The rubber Birkenstocks that we were assured would last, didn’t. They only made it through three months before they split, and weren’t nearly as comfortable as the regular sandals. I used to wear London style Birks when I was in culinary school and working, but after a year they needed to be resoled and couldn’t because of all the grease the leather had absorbed. The glue wouldn’t stick to the leather. $125 down the drain. Grrrr.

So, in light of this, we’ve gone with clogs for Leifsdad this time. So, far he says they’re extremely comfortable and that he’s expecting to be in a better mood now that his feet are happier. And that got him thinking that maybe if we fitted everyone in the Middle East with confortable shoes, maybe they wouldn’t be so cranky with each other. Hmmmm…

You may be on to something there. Happy feet= happy person.

Geez, you’d think a guy like Ariel Sharon could afford to get shoes that actually fit his feet…

Another idea

Funny. I thought the trick to world peace was bubble wrap.
Oh wait! Sorry. That was the trick to world domination.

(Silly me.)

Nonsense! If it were that easy, OpalCat would have already figured it out.

Nah. My craft group figured this out last night. We need to get all the leaders to sit down with a pot of tea and some really good homemade chocolate chip cookies, and teach them all how to knit. After all, we manage to solve all the world’s problems while we sit there and make sweaters and scarves; why shouldn’t they? :smiley:

IIRC the last episode of the TV series Cheers Cliff made a statement about “in the end it all comes down to comfortable footwear”.

Yup. Can’t go wrong with clogs! :slight_smile: