I think my kid just invented a Vocative Case

My kid (two years old) is learning to speak English. I noticed he sometimes adds a “t” sound at the end of names ending in vowels, and “s” at the end of names ending in a consonant. I also just noticed this evening that apparently, he adds this sound just when he’s using the name to address the person who has that name.

So he’ll say “Here you go, Daddy-t,” but “It’s Daddy’s turn!”



My five year old daughter does something similar, adding “-o” to everyone. I’m daddy-o. my wife is mommy-o. I told her I’m going to get a dog named Otto, and asked her what will she call the new dog. Her answer: Doggie-o.

Obviously she’s a reincarnation of a beatnik.

When I was 6, I combined Grand Parent and ancestor to get grand-cester…,

just had a thought… good thing I didn’t combine it with “Inlaw”

grin FML

What would be particularly amusing would be if you play along, and he corrects you on your occasional mistakes in adhering to his grammar.

Apparently, I liked to mess with people from early on.

“Say ‘doggie’”, the parents would say.
“Dog’n”, I’d reply.
“No, ‘doggie’”
“Okay, say ‘baby’”.
“Now, say ‘doggie’!”
“Let’s try this again. Say ‘baby’”.

Parental :smack:

As English speakers it’s hard for us to imagine how noun cases started since generally we don’t feel the need for them (other than genitive)… but they must have started unconciously in that sort of way. Fascinating…

Oh, my goodness! My two year old speaks the same language! For the same Case and everything. Weird. I wonder what would happen if we got our kids together!

They would invent Finnish.

My daughter used to love the book Dear Zoo. One night, to make her laugh, I replaced all the animal names with food names. The next night she wanted that again, and in trying to say “food names” she said foodnyms. Which couldn’t be a better term for it!