I think my pda is stolen.

Here’s the story. My friend tried to sell me an ipaq. When I said no, I don’t need one; he just gave it to me. There are a few reasons I think he stole it (or at least I know he didn’t buy it).

  1. He’s not very bright. I don’t think he has the brain power to fully use a pda
  2. He’s poor and could not afford to buy one.
  3. The whole thing smells fishy and he won’t tell me how he came by it.

What should I do? I poked around on the ipaq and could not find anyone’s name (I think my friend erased it). I’d like to return it if I could, but what if I cant. Is it wrong to keep it? Even if I do keep it, I don’t have an owner’s manual or a way to recharge it. Should I try to sell it?

I suppose at one end of the moral spectrum, you could turn it in to the police and report that you think it’s stolen or that you found it on the street. Or you could anonimously inquire from the police if anyone has reported a PDA missing, but you don’t know what town he might have taken it from.

As a matter of practicallity, unless your friend tells you where he got it or you find some id on it or you hear someone you know is looking for the PDA, it will be pretty impossible to find out who it belongs to.

Leagally, you would be guilty of recieving stolen property. Even more so if you try to sell it.

Personally, I hate thieves and could not be friends with one. I could never trust that they wouldn’t steal something of mine just because they like it and couldn’t afford it.

Turn it in to your local police department. Tell them you’d be interested in it if nobody claims it.

The only problem with turning it in is they’ll want to know the name of the guy that gave it to you. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem telling them, but I don’t know your relationship with the guy.

I suppose you could lie and say you found it. Of course, if it turns out to be stolen, the cops will be looking at you, not at the guy who probably did it.

Did he give you the charger and accessories with it?
If so, then this somewhat reduces(although not altogether) the likelihood of it being stolen.

I wonder what your friend would do if you told him you think it’s stolen and you intend to hand it in…

You have no way of truly determining if it’s stolen unless he tells you so, and for all you know someone may have given it to him for some small favor. I have personally given away tech toys and PC stuff I didn’t want or could not use to co-workers and handymen that did small jobs for me for them to sell or make use of. From a practical perspective, however, I can’t see someone giving away an IPAQ given the cost.

If you suspect it’s stolen (it may well be at some point in it’s history) and it makes you uncomfortable, make some excuse and give it back to him. Problem solved.

I think you should give it back to your friend if he won’t give you a good explanation of where he got it.

sheesh anyone think of turning it on and checkin the adress book?

The OP says this was of no help.

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Moving to IMHO.

Some evil Goddamned mother fu… four minutes later …ity bastard stole my beloved Cassiopeia E-150 out of my car a while ago. I loved that thing and actually used it quite a bit. Whoever did it did not get any of the accessories, so that once the batteries ran out, the thing is dead forever. It is probably just sitting in someone’s closet gathering dust and going to waste.


Anyway, REPORT IT!!! At least give the cops the serial number of the suspicious ipaq. I sure as hell went to the police and even scoured local pawnshops for weeks before giving up. I am a poor 20 year old college student who spent a whole lot more then he could really afford on a great toy/tool that he really loved and will not be able to replace for a very long time. Damn you if it is stolen and you do nothing.


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Is there a way I could find out who it belongs to through Compaq? Do people register pda’s?

Can you find a serial number on it?