I think my supervisors are going nuts!

I’ve had two emails in the past two days outlining some procedures. Nothing really new in the first one, just a reminder for us to ensure that the city and is spelled out in the return address. Seems we’ve been getting a bunch of mail returned because the city was abbreviated. But the state? I used to work in a mail room; states are supposed to be abbreviated. It’s what the automatic sorting machines are programmed to look for! After some inquiries around here, I found that my supervisor was supposed to say country! We have country codes that are for inhouse use only but people have been putting them into the return address.

Today, another supervisor instituted new procedures because our fax server is getting overloaded. What normally is supposed to take a week is now taking four weeks. The email said if we find a document that’s been in our system for at least 30 days, we’re supposed to get the customer’s contact information. What she didn’t say is that this applies to customers requesting the status of a faxed document.

To my knowledge, there have not been any subsequent emails to correct these oversights. I certainly haven’t seen any.

My former supervisor sent out over 20,000 post cards in January–all with the wrong names. He had the addresses and names right, he just managed to mix them up so that everybody got a card with somebody else’s name on it. Then he tried to pin the blame for it on two underlings who had nothing to do with the mix-up. Amazingly, he still works for us, but fortunately I no longer work for him.

So, yeah, I suppose it could be worse.

Hey, Jeff? It’s been brought to my attention that you’ve been having some problems with your TPS reports… Did you get the memo?