I think NBC needs more ads during the Olympics

I haven’t quite figured out what the mid-life crisis, err… new and improved, sassy, Volkswagen Bug looks like.

That and they need to stretch out the events I like to see a little more throughout the night. C’mon. I don’t want it over right away, I want to see a little water polo added in during the finals of women’s gymnastics. You can never have enough water polo in my book. And archery!! OOohhhh!!! I want archery!!!

Give me some background information about the athletes why dontcha. I mean, I don’t feel like I know enough about that competitor from Botswana.

Let’s get with it NBC! Show me what’s important!!!

I was SO going to bitch slap you into submission but I get that you are so totally kidding; if they had any more ads there wouldn’t be any games… oh, yeah, perhaps that’s the fucking point!


Besides the “athlete personal portraits” we have the ads… it’s so blatant and overwhelming… it’s sick… here’s two minutes of real competing, five of athlete “picture” and then five of ads… and the overall score is…


Not too mention but I will, TOO MUCH PERSONAL INFO!

And then you have all these events on tape but you still INSIST on splicing them up even though you have no compelling reason for doing so!

So, if I want to watch swimming, I have to suffer through three other sports, even though this is all on tape and you could feed it to me in one sitting… but NO! You want me to watch over four hours of coverage to get the 10 minutes of swimming…

You sick, twisted fuckers…

NBC needs help. I sent them my personal FYI: Have you?

Well the BBC has no ads. at all. Live coverage starts at around 11pm and it’s on (12:33pm now btw) :smiley:

GOD almighty I need sleep. That looked alright to me. It’s still on now (12:35pm btw)


I don’t know how you do it.

Excessive drinking and some severe sleep deprivation… and you can still manage to find the post tab?


Yeah, give me more ads. And I love it when we’re told to “LOG ON NOW!!!” and the stupid logo blocks the entire screen…well, at least that seems to be one thing they’ve learned.

And how condescending is it of Costas to tell us that they’ve taped the entire damn thing so they can show it to us when we’re awake? Guess what Bob? Some of us are up past 9:00 on the east coast. When we are asleep (well, should have been anyway) is at 11:30 when you cram in the end of all the important competitions after having strung us out the whole damn time.

By the way, I sure could do without the swimming and the gymnastics. I’d like to see the sports we don’t see regularly, such as water polo and archery, the equestrian events, etc. There’s more than enough gymnastics on throught the year, and I could get a four-year fix of these lesser sports if only they’d show them!

[hijack] Who determined it is graceful for 16 year olds to prance about with limbs askew at impossible angles, not to mention throwing the head back and bending at a 45 degree angle in the middle of the chest when, uh, dismounting the equipment? [/hijack]

In any case, if only we had fewer adds and less crap filler, maybe we’d all get to see the competitions we’re interested in. Rather ironic that NBC has spent the last two and a half years hyping the Olympics, and now we barely see the action at the Olympics.

Actually I think I would like to see more ads rather than those stupid “human interest” stories that couldn’t be more uninteresting.

What pleased me the most is this morning when I woke up, the brainless bitch moron on the radio says “The scores from tonite’s Olympic coverage… right after this!” Yeah, you stupid cunt. Why not announce the scores before anyone even has a CHANCE to see the events?

I’m going to find out where she lives and kill her for the good of mankind. Her morning show sucks ass, too.



i really need that green bar moving across with the swimmers. not that the damn thing obscures my view of the swimmers or anything. maybe it IS helpful to drunk football fans trying to keep track of their team, but it really isn’t necessary to keep track of the maybe 10 swimmers that are in the pool. (note: i do not watch football and hope football fans do not take offense to my previous comment. but, if you do, go felch yourselves, you weenies.) i know, why don’t they just superimpose images of the sponsors in pool lanes and on the side of horse and in the middle of the floor during floor exercizes. yeah that’s it. not that i’ve (and i assume many others) turned off the television because of all the fucking sap stories and commercials and lack of consistent coverage of sports and telling me who fucking won the race right before i watch it.
and someone else mentioned this: i do not like the olympics being broken up, summer this year, winter two years down the road. i enjoyed the intensity of several months of olympic competition. they’ve just been going downhill since 92.

Random thoughts…

Ratings surveys have shown that more women then men watch the Olympics. NBC has skewed their coverage to appeal to women, hence the “story behind the athlete” bullshit we get so much of, because “this is what women enjoy watching.” Seriously, that’s NBC’s strategy. I can’t remember where I ran across this data, otherwise I’d post a link. Lemme do some looking and I’ll be back with it.

I remember NBC touting their coverage, stating that they would be offering more Olympic coverage than ever, utilizing their cable satellite channels, MSNBC and CNBC. The implication was that there was going to be 'round-the-clock coverage or at least a whole shit-load of events on during viewing hours. Well… I dunno what you folks get, but MSNBC offers a couple hours of coverage… CNBC a couple hours (cuts for Geraldo for chrissakes!) and the sound quality of the coverage on these cable channels is such that it sounds like it was recorded underwater! One positive note, though–the coverage on the cable channels tends to contain little of the “story behind the story” filler material.

Don’t blast other news stations, channels or newspapers for “blowing” the Olympics for you by reporting the results before you get to see it on NBC. Any legitimate news organization is there to report the news–not sit on it so that it’s convenient for a competing program. The Olympics is news, folks. News should be reported as it happens. Don’t redirect your anger–it should be squarely fixed upon NBC who outta be carrying events live AND via tape-delay.

Maybe I live in a sheltered little world, but I haven’t met ONE SINGLE PERSON who likes all the cutting away from events to the lame-ass stories. They have truely made the Olympics a frustrating thing for me. Does ANYBODY like NBC’s job? I have yet to find anyone.

I lost my memory quite a while ago… was John Tesh’s coverage at Barcelona even worse? Oh, that’s right, we had to put up with the lame stories AND the lame music.

Scariest item about this whole thing: Didn’t NBC win the Olympic broadcast rights to the next 2 or 3?

Shoot me now.

I enjoy the lame-ass “hear the pocket hercules’s personal struggle against the tyrants of Bulgaria” only because it allows me to watch the olympics. She loves the stuff. Doesn’t care about the actual events . . . so long as she gets her heart-warming or heart-breaking story every once in a while she’s fine.

And I prefer the more “obscure” sports to things like gymnastics and such. Give me the javelin or shot put or water polo over some 50 lb 18-year-old girl flailing to a one-hit wonder any day. Christ almighty, it’s like watching the sports world’s equivalent of holocaust victims. It’s not fucking healthy to be that damn skinny!

Jump on me if you will, but I kind of like the bios, as long as they’re short and deal with athletics (and NBC’s do suck, no argument there). I like finding out where the athletes train, and for how long each day. I don’t mind knowing that Joe Swimmer was almost killed in a car accident three months ago and has had to train all day every day just to make it to the Olympics.

I gained a lot of respect for the Costa Rican female swimmer when I found out that she trains outdoors in the winter, in just-above-freezing water, and that sometimes she’s so numb after practice that she can’t even feel her legs. That takes guts.

I hate, however, the smarmy “moved to a better life in the US” stories. Or the one about the Chinese male gymnast whose training allowed him “a better way of life, with regular meals and schooling”. The only criticism they made about his life with his mother before training was that “she has to walk up five flights of stairs to her apartment. It doesn’t have an elevator.” And who really cares that an eventer can’t cook?

i don’t mind other news stations reporting the scores, but why in hell does NBC have to tell me to watch this great race so and so won? can’t i just watch the race and see how spectacular it was for myself. and, yeah, i don’t mind a bio, but when it becomes dickensian and lasts longer than coverage of the actual event, it really kind of pisses me off. i tuned in to watch the actual event, not the bios. they should have a cable channel strictly for their lengthy, weepy bios.

i second the seeing more sports votes. fencing, rugby, diving, judo, greco-roman wrestling, weight-lifting, the marathon, steeple chase (for track), and more are all great events. (i don’t know why i like watching marathons, but i do. it just amazes me someone can average 5:30 to 6:00 minutes per mile over a 20 plus mile course.)

It’s been more than a few Olympics which have been more fluff and less competition because women supposedly like it better. Oddly, I remember CBS caught a raft of crap about their Nagano coverage, but I think it was far superior to this.

Also, I don’t blame other news outlets for reporting the results, but couldn’t they start of with “And today at the Olympics in Sydney…” giving those of us who don’t want to hear time to turn it down? And I am very pissed at all my regular news websites, which could either provide cookies for “non-Olympics” front pages, or just have a link to a damn Olympics page. It’s kind of hard to avoid when it’s emblazoned across the top of the website…

Well, You got your wish.


And not even just stories about the athletes.

Didja catch the one last night about the friggin BATGIRL for the US softball team?!?!! What the hell was THAT about?

I’ve no idea what the announcer’s name is, but one of those assholes is such a supercilious jerk that I’d pay money to watch rabid monkeys tear his head off. I wonder if NBC’d go for it?
On the other hand, I did like the bit about the inventor of the trampoline. I had no idea about any of that & it was pretty cool. <d&r :o>

I got the monkeys if you got the cash :slight_smile: (don’t ask, I’ve said too much already)

If I have to hear the word “courageous” one more damn time I think I’m gonna vomit.

Jim- “Ohhhhh… Dissapointment from brandocet.”

Jeanna- “That’s just too bad Irv.”

Irv- “You know, I was watching brandocet in practice the other day, and he was simply nailing those.”

Jeanna- “I know. I wonder what could have happened.”

Jim- “Well, you know, there’s an awfull lot of pressure on him to perform here Irv…”

Jeanna- “I know Jim.”

Irv- “What’s amazing Jim, is that he missed one of the easier moves.”

Jeanna- “Is my mike on here?.”

Jim- “Well, we’ll have to see what the judges say here, but I can’t imagine it will get more than a 5.0. What’ya think Irv, I mean, that was real bad.”

Irv- “Well, he did the same thing at the Pacific Games a while back and almost didn’t make it to the 2000 games.”

Jim- “You’re right Irv, and on an easier move than that.”

Jeanna- “Hello!?!”

Irv- “Since brandocet is out of contention here, lets move our attention to the spectacular story developing here of Innibwa Ignabinus from the Republic of Timor.”

Jim- “Boy, isn’t that a story Irv!”

Jeanna- “Anyone?”