"I think somebody owes me an apology."

Somebody (Ilsa_Lund?) please tell me what old movie this quote is from. The film was about a dysfunctional family and takes place in the living room of the home. The whole family is eccentric (save, I think, the daughter, who wants to bring a boyfriend home to this zoo) and the father keeps saying this whenever he’s offended by something.

Thanks. It’s driving me nuts.

Don’t recognize the quote, but the description sounds a lot like You Can’t Take It With You. Did it include people posing for statues and a Russian pretending to be a gorilla?

That was my guess too. Did it have Jimmy Stewart in it?

(Jimmy Stewart being the boyfriend, not the dad. :))

You know, the father Oyl in Popeye the movie said that a lot too. They were kinda dysfunctional.

I agree with RealityChuck, Legolamb & dantheman. This sounds a lot like “You Can’t Take It With You.” Originally a stage play, it was made into a movie. In the film, Jimmy Stewart is the boyfriend, Lionel Barrymore if the father.

However the plot unfolds to reveal that the supposedly dysfunctional family is more well adjusted and happy than the supposedly normal stock broker who shows up. I can’t remember how the hell the stock broker ends up in the play.

Either way, turns out the stock broker has plenty of dough but is never happy because he hates his job and doesn’t really know his family like the “grouchy” old father does.


Thanks all. I saw this many years ago and often use the father’s line as a non sequitur. I get some confused looks. But couldn’t remember anything else about the movie, so thanks again.

Been forever and a day since I saw it, but I don’t remember a stockbroker. I do remember “Wilbur G Henderson, IRS agent” who kept popping by because Grandpa Vanderhof was lax about paying his taxes. Maybe he’s the one?

IMDb link


Max C is right…Cole Oyl says it constantly in the 1980 Robert Altman Popeye.

Actually, he says “You owe me an apology!”

Well, the description does fit You Can’t Take It With You, though it better fits My Man Godfrey. I believe that that line is uttered in the film by the exasperated father, the bullhorned Eugene Pallette, but I don’t think he said it repeatedly. I believe It Happened One Night may also fit the bill…

I’m flattered that you thought of me. :slight_smile:

Don’t give me any credit, Angler, them there other guys thought of it. I merely added the Jimmy Stewart bit to make it seem like I was wise and all-knowing. Looks like it worked!

Thought I’d try out Amazon’s new “search within the book” feature to try to find this. According to the search of Three Plays by Kaufman and Hart: Once in a Lifetime / You Can’t Take It With You / The Man Who Came to Dinner, the word “apology” only appears once and not in the phrase above. Of course, the movie script might be different.

The movie script of You Can’t Take it With You is different. I stage managed this play in high school, and I don’t remember “Someone owes me an apology”… especially being repeated.

Though, we did have a tradition of cheering when Grandpa gave the line “after all, you can’t take it with you”.

The story is the pretty daughter wants to get married to a guy and the crazy family (and crazy servants) wants to meet his parents. The parents are the stuffy ones (stockbroker).
The “G-men” do show up to arrest grandpa and hilarity ensues.