I think there may only ever be one me!

For kicks I looked up my name in whitepages.com, having looked up my brother’s for the whole US and found two other hims. Not only was there no other me, there were only nine people who matched my first initial/last name, one of whom is my father. The scary part was the “other results”, which had that locator service that listed me and every place I’ve lived as an adult. :eek:

I’m also the only me in Google.

I had long suspected that there will never me another me, since I have four less-than-common names of various national origins. Woot!

This may be a stupid thread on an anonymous board, but what the hell, I’ve come this far. How many yous are in google? Or on whitepages.com?

There is only one me in Google, and it’s not even me. I am so insignificant as to not even show up at all.

You can try this site, too. It says there are 5,514 of me in the US. Of course it says nobody with my wife’s surname exists, so I don’t completely trust it.

The howmanyofme site says that there is only one person in the US with my first and last name. (My last name is the kicker. The site claims there are only 390 people in the US who share it.)

I don’t trust it, though. A Google search turns up at least one other person in the US with the same name as my husband, but the site claims that there is only a single person with that name.

There’s a few other me’s (sorry about the apostrophe. Doesn’t look right without it) in a Google search for my real name, but mostly it’s the me-me, not the other-me’s. I think it’s tragic for the world that there’s more than one me around. Hasn’t it suffered enough?? :smiley:

As far as I can find there’s only one me. There’s someone I call my evil fraternal twin in the UK. Same first name, slightly different spelling of the last name (one letter difference). It’s a pretty unusual last name either way you spell it, so I’m not surprised.

Well, there’s at least one other me, but she’s more famous than me and has created a big hoax with my name on it.

But she’s dead now, and she’s not me. And I’m not claiming to be anyone other than me. So that should clear things up.

Among the 41,800,000 hits for my name on Google, none of them is me. There are thousands of people with both my names, and millions of people with my last name, but I’m not related to a single one of them in the US, and only two in Canada.

I wouldn’t call it paranoia, but over the years, I have purposely not left any avenue for anyone to find me by any means via the web. I’ve never had a webpage or posted anything anywhere under my real name.

I got curious, and went 60 pages deep into Google, and none of the listings are even remotely about me.

There’s only one me with my proper name, and it ain’t me. There are two me’s if you go by my nickname, and they are me.

I’m the only me in Whitepages.

I’m proof that you shouldn’t trust it. There are 0 of me in the US. Apparently I don’t exist. I won’t be watching Sixth Sense any time soon.

How many of me site says that there are 9,771 people with my first and last name in the US. It’s not at all surprising, as my name is as generic as possible. I was (myname)4@mycollege.edu when I went to school. There were 4 of me in my class.

So when I am married there will be 0 people with my full name. If I go with just my fiance’s name there will be 2 of me. So it’s a good change.

After more research, it looks like I do exist. Google and Whitepages confirmed this. And there’s definitely only 1 of me. My teachers always told me I was special. :wink:

I am fairly certain I am the only one of me in the world. My first name is ultra-rare and my last name isn’t all that common so it isn’t a surprise.

Through Google, I see that there’s another one of me. He owns a restaurant in Cincinnati.

If I ever make it to Cincinnati, I’ll try to eat there.

Apparently, not only is there another me, he is a decently known Folk Musician of some sort, which is funny stuff, since I am a small-town musician. Also, Google reveals that there is a me listed as a runner from Matamoras, Pa - and it lists two race results. Oddly, I ran cross-country and the longest ever was a 1/2 marathon (what the other me apparently placed in…).
This is getting ridiculous. #7 is really me, listed as a member of a campus committee. #8 is from eTrucker (therefore another me) and #9 is a LT. with the same name. Page two of google lets me see that the real me is listed again, on the OHSAA website of results from races, and another me who is a painter, as well as another me who is a Hy-Vee Store Director. Apparently, I’m a popular name.

Howmanyofme.com lists 8 people with my name. I figure there are a little more, but that’s probably close.


Google shows lots of hits (like 2 pages) for me - the real me, and a single hit for someone-me-but-not-me. I was creeped out by how much I learned about myself from Google.

howmanyofme said there was 0 mes.

I am the only one of me anywhere in the world. In a way that’s nice, but it means I can’t blame anything on the “other me”.

Apparently, I’m the only me.


I know for sure there’s more than one of my sister. When you look up an Amazon wishlist under her name or search for her name on facebooks, there’s always a whole list. For me? The only problem is that sometimes I type in “Isadora” when people are expecting “Izzy.” so I sometimes don’t exist, but there’s never any confusion concerning which one is me when I do.

Howmanyofme site tells me there are 0 people in the US with my first name and 3,017,684 people with my last name. That’s so funny.

Surprisingly I have a foreign name with an odd spelling and a rare combination of first and last, and using Google there’s four me’s (including me) in the first ten results:

Result #1 Me
Result #2 Astronaut (well, Cosmonaut)
Results #3,#4, #5,#6 are Me
Result #7 is an Economist
Result #8 is some high school student
Result #9 is the Cosmonaut again
Result #10 is me again!

Now, I’ve given somebody determined enough information to figure out who I am. If you care that much about finding out who I am, you’re really boring and you should probably rethink your life.