I think they're about to announce the Pistorius verdict.

CNN says he’s returned to court for the verdict. It’s 1am here. What time is it there?

Sure are talking a L-O-N-G time. Reading out the charges. Then reading out a case summary. Even included directions to the bathroom from the main bedroom. Sheesh.

From Watch live: Oscar Pistorius murder trial verdict:

Good grief. Thanks for the link.

Looking like not guilty of the most serious murder charge. Yet to see if he will be convicted of a lesser offense such as culpable homicide or negligent killing or even if he will be acquitted on that count.

Cleared of all charges.

I’m stunned.

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He’s not been cleared of all charges. He’s been cleared of murder, but he could still be convicted of culpable homicide.

Jkelly, I’m not clever enough for that. :slight_smile:

Ctnguy, sorry, I was going by the report I saw on Morning Joe.

Judge Masipa has adjourned till tomorrow so the formal verdict isn’t known yet. She said that Pistorius’ conduct fails the “reasonable man test” and was negligent, which definitely sounds like she’s leading up to a conviction for culpable homicide (defined as “unlawful negligent killing of another”).

I’ve always thought what we call Manslaughter fit this situation. His actions weren’t reasonable and he was negligent. It’ll be interesting to see if the judge gives him a short or long sentence. I’ve read he could get up to 15 years but I think the judge can give less.

It certainly sounds like he might get off with a light sentence. But this is a different country and its hard to guess what the judge has in mind.

What? How could he not have forseen he was going to kill someone behind the door he was shooting at? :dubious:

From what I was hearing during the trial phase, I took Pistorious to be too easily trigger-happy and way too easily spooked and not thinking first. Plus his previous issues with temper and guns and his histrionics in court made me easily believe he too easily thought of an intruder and started shooting wildly. So something like voluntary manslaughter would make the most sense as a conviction

At the very least, he should have maybe checked if it was his girlfriend first. He seemed to panic too easily

Thing about panic is that it’s not rational.

He was also convicted of discharging a weapon in the restaurant incident. Big question: how many years will he get for culpable homicide?

The closest American equivalent charge sounds like criminally negligent homicide?

The judge’s comments about the prosecution’s case were quite critical.

Oscar Pistorius, the disabled track star who once commanded stellar heights of international competition, was found guilty of culpable homicide, equivalent to manslaughter, on Friday after being acquitted of murder charges in the killing of his girlfriend in the early hours of Feb. 14, 2013.