I Think They're All Bozos In This Base: More Al-Qaeda Idiots Apprehended

Yep, we’ve been rescued once again from a dire terrorist plot.

From the lede, they sound pretty deadly:

But then:


They were hoping to get automatic weapons through their informant.

So: in a year and a half, they’d basically played terrorist, the way Tom Sawyer and his friends played pirate.

I’m sure it did. Why it merited the notice of the White House Press Secretary is the real question. Sounds to me like the assistant D.A. for central New Jersey could have handled this one.

This one goes down with the guys in Florida who were going to attack the Sears Tower, and the Brooklyn Bridge blowtorch guy. If al-Qaeda has anything at all to do with these bozos, I think their goal must be to lull us into a false sense of security.

It worked the last time. I mean, what sort of message is a guy sending when he says he doesn’t need to know how to land the airliner he’s learning to fly?

I Think They’re All Bozos In This Base

Shias for Industry?

Well, now they are belong to us.

If this is the level of terrorism we’ll have to face from here on out, we have nothing to worry about. How, exactly, were they going to obtain RPGs and automatic weapons, and from whom? For all of their other failings, the BATF keeps their ar to the ground about that sort of thing. How, exactly, were they going to gain access to Fort Dix? Even if they managed to get access to the base, they’re heavily outnumbered by people who have access to scores of weapons and are trained to use them for a living. And they had to wait for a fatwa? Right. As if they needed an excuse to attack the “Great Satan”. No, I think they got cold feet. Most people do when they’re faced with abject failure.

If they’re all going to be that stupid we’ve already won.

Shias for Defense!

And we’re inside it, arrestin their doodz.

If I was a terrorist wannabe, I think I would try for a softer target than a heavily-armed US military base. But that’s just me.

Heh, Al Qaeda is more of a movement than an organization in many respects. Anyone who is a terrorist can claim the title of Al Qaeda in order to lend credibility to their endeavors.

However, I think that if it hasn’t happened yet, they must be really stupid. The guys you have to worry about are the ones actually reading the anti-terrorist blogs and learning how to fight us that way.

Any terrorist that’s going after a military target, or even a high profile well secured target like the Sears tower is a moron, when there are so many lower profile targets that would be easier to hit.

There will always be posers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some people out there who are the real deal. Fortunately for us, we have martyrdom, if the smart guys keep blowing themselves up in the attacks, they won’t be around to keep being smart and coming up with good plans.

I’m genuinely shocked that we haven’t seen another attack in a while.

According to the link in post #1:

It’s better than you think becauseNationality of suspects surprises experts

From the link:

Expert on political Islam Saunders again:

People like Expert Saunders are training the next generation of Experts in political Islam at places like the State University of New York to keep an eye on things, so the future looks rosy.

I’m so relieved. :slight_smile:

More Sharia!

The mere fact that they’re here and were contemplating it is very serious in my opinion. There’s got to be more with similar ideas that aren’t so stupid.

Share and Sharia alike.

Or would that be Sonny and Sharia?

What can these guys be charged with, and what’s the possible jail time?

Maybe next time they’ll choose the Army/Navy game instead, as they once contemplated. That could have been really, really bad.

Aw…such a cute kid that Tom Sawyer was…all he wanted to do was murder a couple of hundred Americans.

Let’s see now… suppose your “Tom Sawyers” had been playing pirate this way:
Suppose they weren’t muslims talking about jihad and getting guns to go shoot some soldiers.
Suppose they were all just some good ol’ white boys from Alabama, talkin’ 'bout getting guns to go shoot some niggers.

That wouldn’t bother you at all would it?
After all, it’s just a few kids playing pirate like Tom Sawyer. No need to get the police involved , is there?


If I was more clever, I’d come up with a “I Got You Babe” parody. So someone else gets to do it instead.

Timothy McVeigh was kind of a bumbler, wasn’t he? I mean, he was caught after the bombing because he had no plates and a loaded gun in his car.

It didn’t keep him from destroying a federal building, damaging more than 300 more in the blast, and killing 168 people and wounding 850 more.

The OP confuses incompetence with innocuousness. They are very different things, and anyone serious about law enforcement wouldn’t make this mistake.

Agreed. The smug scoffing here is dumber than the behavior of those Islamist assholes playing paintball. There are a lot of other smart terrorist sonsofbitches who can - and will - hurt us in obscene ways.

Every single one of you posters is too fucking smart to talk so stupidly.

For those who aren’t getting the thread title reference

Read me Dr. Memory?