I think this is a new record

I was just sitting here and felt something in my eye, so I went to look in a mirror and saw a cat hair in the bottom outside corner of my left eye. I got a grip on it with a wet tissue and pulled, and the damn thing turned out to have been almost 3 inches long! It snaked from the bottom outside corner of the eye all the way to the top inside portion, and then under the eyelid, who knows how far back. It was definitely an interesting feeling.

The cause, of course, is my two stupid longhaired cats*, who love to sit in front of my face at night or while I’m sitting at the computer and whap my face repeatedly with their bushy, plume-like tails. I love them to death, but I am sick of pulling cat hairs from my eyeballs (I do so at least once every few weeks). If they keep this up a couple of kitties are going to wake up and find themselves shaven.

  • Only the first one is stupid. The second one, I’m convinced I’m going to turn on the news someday and find that she’s taken over Indonesia or something.

this…is the most horrible story I’ve ever read. The Holocaust *pales *in comparison.


My grandma-in-law was just at the eye doctor for a post op checkup when the dr asked her when she got a freckle on her eye?

“A freckle?” She replied

The doctor took a closer look at it, and then pulled a pin out of her eye.

(It wasn’t from the surgery, it was a sewing machine needle that broke. She didn’t even know it was there)

I love both your cats! Long-haired torties (I have one myself) are so cool.

Agreed! I just sometimes wish mine were a bit more sedate. I’d always heard that that longhairs are placid and sleepy, but these two are like hyperactive puppies. I strongly suspect Siamese ancestry in them, as they never shut up and are also both wool-chewers, but their coats are just like a Van’s – no undercoat, soft as silk, and never mats.

TOTALLY cute kitties!

My long-haired cat is anything but sedate. He frequently gets the kitty zooomies and gallops madly (and loudly) around the house. “The fog comes on little cat feet”? If Sandburg had owned this monster, the poem would have read, “The thunderous hail storm comes on little cat feet.”