I think this is the most 2017 story and woman I've ever read and seen


A Muslim, instead of writing an essay to get into Stanford, wrote “Black Lives Matter” 100 times and was accepted.

A woman whose twitter handle is ‘Femme Feminista’ tweeted in response to the issue:

Her pinned tweet is:

That is a 2017 bingo folks.

And no I’m not attacking this woman.

Oh wait here’s an article by this woman:

"Wonder Woman is your Zionist, white feminist hero

Damn…that is like two bingo cards.

This sounds a bit whack, until you read about the young man.

From the article:

Note also that this is being mis-represented as his college essay. It was not:

The use of the black lives matter hashtag was in response to a question that read:

I’d argue that he didn’t answer the “Why”, but that’s relatively trivial stacked up against the rest of his qualifications. He was also accepted to Yale and Princeton.

Stunts like this are a little annoying, but I tend to cut the kids a little slack, given the pressure they are under to get noticed by colleges. The reporting on this is slanted to play up the fuss (and contains errors, like the mistake about his essay). The kerfuffle from all sides is ridiculous.

Pretty shoddy journalism by The Wrap.

This kid is emblematic of so many things wrong with this country. He’s not even the 1%. He’s like the 0.01% and a perfect example of how wealthy parents buy opportunities for their offspring. To me, there’s something galling about someone with a ridiculously privileged upbringing piggybacking on those truly suffering from discrimination. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but I don’t exactly see an activist here. I see a relentless self promoter that fits what the left is looking for to a T and is using that for his own benefit.

I don’t agree at all with what you wrote, but I especially don’t think that’s the cynic in you. Or at least, not just the cynic in you.

I’m guessing it’ll be awhile before Hollywood makes a superhero movie about a trans, disabled, overweight, black woman.

Avengers, Part V - The Aristocrats!



Just for the sake of argument, why shouldn’t they?

I don’t understand a word of what I just read.

I only understood your post.

So like a cross between Fat Momma and Professor X?

Fat X? Professor Momma?