I think Wikipedia needs a new format

They have gotten along for a while doing basically the Encyclopedia Americana format of usually one picture per topic. This was more modern than Encyclopedia Britannica, who standardized on one picture every fourth or fifth entry.

But the web is so visual these days, the the Wiki seems like it’s stuck in the days of dial up and fear of pictures.

If I had to bet, I’d say Microsoft will be first to try to knock it off the hill, with a newer Encarta. And then Google will put a small platoon on it and do the job. Maybe just buy the rights from a few of the European versions to start with.

What Wikipedia are you using, as that’s not typical from the articles I’ve seen. Wikipedia uses as many images as it can get, which in many cases means fewer that they’d like because of legal reasons.

I’m with Dan… I guess I usually look at pages that have lots of pictures. I mean, everything from my home town to The Beatles, to various medical conditions have as many pics as they can get.

Don’t kill the text! It’s the only thing that makes a Kindle worth it!

[Cue space banjo music]