I thought all the OCD had been burned out of me by now

I’m trying to let this go, I really am, but I just can’t.

My husband and I are switching roles. We’ve always been a good team, but he mainly ran with the business with my help, and I mainly ran the house with his help.

Our roles have been reversed in the last two years, and this spring we are making the transition to him 95% running the house and kids while I entirely run the business. We’re doing pretty good so far, with a couple minor adjustments. (Ok, we’re fighting like cats and dogs just about every day, but we’re getting there.)

Anyways, last night he made the bed, which he’s done many times before, either helping me or solo. But…

Not one piece of the bedding he put on the bed matches. Not a single solitary one. The lower sheet doesn’t match the top sheet. Neither of which match the pillowcases. Which don’t match each other, either. The two blankets on the bed don’t match each other, nor any one of the aforementioned pieces of bedding. I feel like taking a picture of this atrocity for the pure absurdity of the situation.

Interestingly enough, I jam the sheets inside the matching pillowcases to keep them together. They get wrinkled, but they are all in one place. This means he has to be trying.

Now, I am not one of those women that have the 15 non utility pillows, nor do I have the throne thing going on, nor do I have all the frou frou stuff. And I had thought all of my OCD had been burned out of me by about the 3rd kid, for sure by the 5th. But Holy Mother of God, is he *trying *to make me insane?

Last night, I really tried to let it go, remain positive. Hey, I had a clean bed with fresh sheets, and I didn’t have to do it. I really have no right to complain. Really, in the scheme of life, it shouldn’t matter if they match or not.

I can’t fake it any more- It’s just so damn *wrong.*Where will this madness end?

You know, when I met him, he just had a pile of clean/dirty laundry piled on his bed, and he would burrow underneath it to keep warm when he went to sleep.

I’m scared.

Sounds more like a plot to drive you right over the edge…