I thought I could cook.

So what are “fresh fava beans in the pod shelled”?
Fava is a beneric broad bean, but WTF is in the pod shelled?


Step 1. Buy fresh fava beans in the pod (they grow that way dontcha know) presumably at a farmer’s market or super-fancy grocery store.
Step 2. Remove beans from said pod or, in the parlance of our times, “shell them” – sounds a little better than de-pod-ify.

You now have fava beans in the pod, shelled.

If they are shelled, they are not in the pod, Dude.

Maybe they take them out of the pod, and then put them back in unattached? I dunno.

Besides, real cooks don’t worry about beans. Meat good, fire good. Why need beans?

“in the pod, shelled” means "buy them in the pod and shell them just before you use them. I think they’re trying to reinforce the idea that this recipe requires fresh beans, as opposed to frozen or canned. In a stew or other long-cooking dish, it probably wouldn’t make much difference to the average palate, but in this one, with the beans simply cooked and lightly dressed, anything less than very fresh beans wouldn’t work.

Hell, I bet aha could figure this out!