I thought this thing came with a spam filter...

But I’ve looked through all the boxes, and even in the trash, and I don’t see one…

When the SDMB got spammed this morning at the crack of dawn, I thought it was perfectly thrilling, but later on I felt guilty for how much fun I was having, because I realized that TubaDiva and all the others were going to have to spend the morning wielding shovels and manure forks.

But anyway, I had the impression (I don’t know from where) that the MB came with some sort of a spam filter, that it grabbed all suspicious messages first so the moderators could look at them, and that that was why it sometimes takes so long to get a confirmation of a posting, because a computer at the other end is busy reviewing potential spam.

So, not true, eh? I’m disappointed. Do they even make something like that? An industrial-strength twit filter? Couldn’t they borrow Jeeves’ parser and retrofit something? (See, I read PC Magazine, I know all about computers…)

On the other hand, I am filled with admiration, because this means that the reason we all don’t have to look at spam is because the mods get up at cockcrow and delete them for us. 'Preciate it, folks!

Okay, what exactly is spam? I have heard the term a few times, and haven’t been brave enuff to ask.
But then of course asking is one way not to be like my sig line!

Mistress Kricket

Are you stuck on stupid?

There are many types of Spam.

There’s the form email that gets sent to everyone and their mother offering cheap Viagra over the internet.

There’s also the Spam that clogs BulletinBoards such as SDMB with many pointless posts that fill the board up quickly.

And there’s yet another type of spam that’s tasty fried up with a squirt of ketchup :stuck_out_tongue:

…Ska and Punk never tasted so good together!

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You lie. There is no such thing.

Ok…I lied…there’s the spam that comes in a metal can that poses as some form of meat product in the shape of a jello mold.