I thought this was pretty funny...

Not sure if y’all have seen it before, but I thought it was pretty funny, and figured some of you may also.


I enjoyed the last sentence about inflated memberships.

But, do you really consider infant baptism to an act of betrayal or treachery by one’s parents or the parent’s religious leaders? I don’t agree with infant baptism, but I’m willing to bet that most of those who do are quite sincere about it and don’t have ulterior motives. (Referencing the use of the word “perfidious” in the document, in case you’re wondering.)

I believe people should be able to make the choice of religion or not when they can fully understand the issues.

More power to you for whatever you believe. But, to claim treachery seems a little over the top. (Referencing the document and not you, the Doper.)

I honestly have no opinion whatsoever on the subject of infant baptism. If somebody wants to baptize thier kid then I see nothing wrong with it. I just thought the certificate was humorous.

It is humorous. My apologies if my post came across as a censure of you or your views.

I wonder if the document maker’s original intent was meant as humor.

Oh well… continue… :slight_smile:

Hey, can I get one to renounce a baptism I had as a teenager? I was going through a phase, and I’m pretty sure I just did it to impress a boy.

I’ve actually been baptised three times (the teenage incident being the last). Funny how so many denominations don’t accept each other’s baptisms, even though in essence they’re exactly the same. No wonder I no longer believe in organized religion…