I took a Carpet in to be Cleaned

My wife decided to rearrange things while I am home. So I rolled up one of the Persian carpets and noticed some mold. I took it into town to be cleaned for the first time in fifteen or so.

I was chatting with the guy at the shop. It will cost me $400 for a cleaning and a small repair. He hopes he can get rid of some stains I blame on my Mom’s cat. I asked him how much the thing was worth retain.

He offered to buy it on the spot for $5,000. He said it sold retail for seven. I paid about $1,000 for it. Now I am wondering if I can really let the dog sleep on a $7,000 carpet.

Makes me look at the other ones in a whole 'nother light. Yikes.

Wow. I just inherited several from my mother. I let my son eat snacks on them if he puts down a towel. I think we will cut that out. I’m now regretting I didn’t take more of them. We sold them yard sale style, and got a few hundred dollars, which is what my mother paid in the 1970s at auction. I thought if anything, they’d gone down in value, because people don’t have as much interest in them as they used to.

Of course, I’m in the US. The antique dealer who took some of her things probably would have pounced on the carpets if they were really worth anything. They are antiques, FWIW.

What the heck. If they make us (and our dogs) happy, use them as carpets and don’t worry about them.

I would be awfully tempted to sell them all and get different rugs. Unless they make you really happy, $5K a rug sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

When and where was this rug made?


It is a wool Iranian “fish pattern” carpet made in the 1970s.

So it’s not really even old. Back in the late '70’s and early '80’s my sister lived in Istanbul and bought lots of rugs that were old then. She still has a number, but I think she shipped a lot back and my mother sold them to finance the sister’s stays in Europe and Asia minor.


Doesn’t surprise me. I bought a large Persian rug for my home office about 4 years ago. It’s about 10x14. It sat rolled up in my garage for about 6 months before I actually planned to use it. I decided to take it in and get it cleaned before use. Just like the OP, they offered to buy it from me, on the spot. They offered me $4000. Even though I was stunned, I said no. I assumed if they were offering me that right off the bat, it was probably worth more.

I had them clean it, and then took it to an expert for an appraisal. He said retail should be about $9000. Wholesale for $5000-6000.

I paid $1200 for it, from a guy on Craigslist. :eek:

I still have it, I take good care of it, I’m thinking of it as a small scale investment.

This is my problem. I have two elegant rugs and want to keep them that way. So what do I do? I avoid walking on them and certainly don’t put furniture on them! That’s stupid and I feel like an idiot for treating them like delicate China. It never occurred to me that they might be going up in value. Maybe I’ll sell them and be rid of one more OCD thing in my life.

I have a rug I paid ~$5K for maybe 17-18 years ago. Since then, it’s had furniture on it, one of our dogs decided to pee in one spot repeatedly for months to the point that it was crunchy (took us a while to figure out what was going on :smack:) and we’ve generally been using it as a rug should be used. It’s not in a super-high-traffic spot, but for a while it was in Mr. Athena’s office, where he worked every day, and nowadays it’s in our loft/library/music room, which has furniture in it and gets used a few times a week.

We’ve had it cleaned once in that time (after we figured out the dog-pee problem) and so far… it looks brand-new.

The place we bought it from specializes in rugs and cleaning rugs, and they told us the only thing they’ve ever NOT been able to get out of a rug is orange soda. So we avoid orange soda on the rug :smiley:

In other words… they’re resilient. About the only thing that’s a bit of an issue for me is there’s nobody local who cleans them (you really want a rug specialist to work on them, not your local carpet-care place) so it cost us something like $500 to have it cleaned (had to ship it out and back). Considering the OP was quoted $400 for just a cleaning, I guess that’s not all that bad. Still, something to keep in mind.

I have a persian carpet… Maybe I should get it cleaned! Right now it’s on loan to a friend. We bought two for 50 eur each. It has some damage, though, but nothing big.

We just bought a pretty pricey rug. Using it like a rug is intended to be used. Expect it to outlast us.