I took one of the cutest pictures ever

Baby duck drinks

The little guy is only a few days old and his family lives in front of my house.

How cute!

Bravo on the pic.

I used to work downtown on the Riverwalk and discovered that I could watch baby ducks for an almost infinite amount of time, they’re so damn cute.

A few weeks ago I was in a paddle boat with available light and we saw a mama duck and 3 or 4 little ducklets poking around in the rushes. Alas, I didn’t have a camera, but it was very cute.

Oh, and last week we saw a goose doing yoga. It stretched its head all the way forward and one foot all the way back while standing on the other foot. That was pretty funny.

I agree. I spent a fair deal of time on the river last weekend with these guys and the baby geese.

There are more pictures of the baby ducks here if anyone is interested. The jpg’s labeled “a” through “e”