I Trust Politicians

It’s important for me to believe that all of our politicians and their appointees are honest and acting with the best interests of the American people now and to come. I wonder though about the propriety of granting the executive branch, by way of the DOJ the ability to deny an American his Constitutional rights without due process. I worry that one day a person who is dishonest could slip past the voters or accidentally be appointed to a position of power. If such a person had the power to confiscate an American’s fundamental rights he might abuse the power. There is, as of yet, no clear recourse for the redress of such a grievance.
While I’m sure that even though the investigative arm of the DOJ, the FBI, hasn’t discovered any evidence that supports the allegations made against Jose Padilla, he is a dirty, evil, guilty son of a bitch who should have his Constitutional rights stripped from him as well as his skin. His guilt has been established by the fact that some of our public servants arrested him. They wouldn’t have done that if he was an honest law-abiding citizen like themselves and us. They wouldn’t in this day and age anyway.
Even so, I think that he should be afforded the rights guaranteed to all of us as Americans by the highest laws of our land. Maybe it’s unpatriotic, I’m not sure.
I worry that less enlightened times may one day befall our great nation. It may take one hundred years or maybe ten thousand years, but it could happen one day that a politicain who puts his own interests and the interests of those who ply him with funds, monies and remunerations above the common good of Americans, could find his way into a position of public trust. If that day were to come, what defenses would Americans have against a corrupt politician or political appointee who could, without outside oversight, incarcerate without trial or charges? I know that this is a very unlikely possibility in our lifetimes, but what about the lifetimes of unborn Americans? Who can say what sorts of times those who come after us will have to live in?

Ya thunk ?

Forgive me … imagine me wearing one of those Cheech and Chong, 4.00am expressions …

I had to read this a few times before I finally decided it was a parody. Gotta use those smileys, you know.

(It is a parody, right?)

I trust businessmen.

That’s it, really.

I trust businessmen and politicians to act in what they think is their own interests.

In fact, I think it is foolish to believe that anyone will act in any manner that is not in their best interest.

I could not decide if good ole simon was for real or not until i realized that anyone who could spell his own name couldn’t possibly believe that a person could be a politician aaaaaand do whats right for the masses. We no longer need paid representatives to go to washington and “cast our vote for us.”
That was practical in 1700 , before t.v. and computers. The job is now in and of itself nothing more than an opportunity for corruption. Your wallet is the trough and all the swine on C- Span are on line fighting each other for a chance to slurp it up.http://

I just assumed that the title said it all.
Sorry for any confusion.
“His guilt has been established by the fact that some of our public servants arrested him.”

My goodness me - what a terribly political back-stabbing world we would live in if so…

…and so different from the peaceful enlightened altrustic governance that spreads across the sphere of the Earth.

Who said it was different? The point is that politicians can’t be trusted with unlimited power. Any politicians.

I trust Hollywood.


Diogenes, I think you missed the boat on that one.