I trusted my daughter to a stranger... (Illuminatiprimus is a heck of a tour guide)

and he took awesome care of her.

From Saturday, when she got off the plane from Newcastle, and he greeted her with, “It’s about damn time. Oh, wait, I mean welcome to London,” until Tuesday, when they did lunch and she left for the airport, they were apparently thick as thieves. He showed her a lot more of London than she would ever have been able to do on her own, including taking her to Heaven. (It’s a club, people, calm down.) She did manage to get hit on by the “only straight guy in the place”, at which point Illuminatiprimus came up behind the guy as they were dancing, doing the thumbs up or thumbs down? thing, and then pulling her away when she gave him thumbs down. Maybe not knight in shining armor, but knight in club shirt at least. She tells me they didn’t eat the same kind of food twice the whole time she was there; they did Persian, Sushi, Indian, Italian, Spanish, finally getting around to English the last day, in the canteen where he works. When she got off the plane back here and I asked her how they got along, she exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh, he’s my new best friend!” Next to the possible brewery they found at Dilston Castle, where she was doing archaeology field school, this “new best friend” is what we’ve heard about most since she’s been home.

I just asked her what all they saw, and she started down the list. Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Bridge, the Tower (she drooled over the crown jewels), Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, St. James, the Globe Theatre, and then it started getting long.

And the really cool thing? He was prepared for the possibility that they might not hit it off. He had maps and brochures and such to give her, if she had to do it on her own. It seems he didn’t need them after all. He tells me it was fun showing her around, and it gave him a chance to do some things he usually doesn’t do. I’m giving him A+++ marks for all of it. I think I like the boy.

Wow, great job, Illuminatiprimus!

Sounds like she had a fantastic time, and no wonder. :slight_smile:

Who knew Heaven was in IP’s London flat :cool: (I couldn’t resist) Hey, a point to the right on the Kinsey Scale and I’d wanna go there too! He is one nice-looking and charming dude.

Anyhoo, all inappropriate remarks aside, it sounds like she had a great time. Good on her and IP.

Wow, that’s awesome! :slight_smile:

I think they both fall in about the same range of goofiness on the sense of humor scale, so there was apparently some mutual silliness going on. Anyway, she had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat, if she could afford it.

Hey thirdwarning - well thank you for such a glowing review! Thanks particularly for omitting the parts where I complained loudly about how much my feet hurt from all the walking around we were doing. :wink:

It was my pleasure to show her around, she was a delight to spend time with and I had a great time. I hope she does come back sometime so we can have some fun again, otherwise guess you’ll have to wait until I drop into Chicago.

Autolycus - thanks for the compliments, inappropriate or not. :smiley:

Well, I have to admit, I omitted those parts because I didn’t hear about them. I can’t blame you, though. It sounded like you pretty much covered the city.

Happy to oblige. Let us know when you’re planning the trip. Hope you have fun in New York.

Hopefully his extreme coolness will not have worn off when we see him here in NY next week :wink:

Er, you mean “at the start of November”, don’t you? Unless you know something I don’t. :confused:

I guess I misread your thread! :smack:

For the record, I hereby volunteer to take excellent care of any and all Doper daughters over the age of 18. :wink: