I-Tunes Home Sharing, what am I doing wrong?

Or alternately: is there a better way to do this without an I-Pod, of which mine is currently dead, having gone through an entire permanent press cycle in the pocket of my jeans.

But I digress.

I have a new spiffy laptop from work, which also functions as my personal device. I have about 14 Gigs of music that I want to transfer. Apples’s Home Sharing looks like just the ticket. But, I have both on here, I’m signed into the same account on both, all the Preferences are set right, yet both tell me there’s no other users connected.

I COULD, if I felt like wasting a lot of time, do what they also suggest, which is to burn 18 kajillion CD’s and transfer. Or, can I use a thumb drive with more capacity to do it in fewer steps.

Or should I just go buy the Nano I’ve been coveting and use that?

Are both computers in the same Workgroup on your home network.

Is file sharing turned on?

Oh. No they’re not - at home, or at work (where I am trying this from now)

Re-reading their instructions, this seems to be a key point.