I tunes problems/music players for mac

I am having trouble with I Tunes. When I want to play a song, no sounds comes out. Quicktime works just fine. When I try to reinstall it the same thing happens but I don’t really know if I am doing a full uninstall as I’m just clicking and dragging the application. If you have any help with that be my guest but my real question is, is there an alternative music player I can use other than I Tunes?

actually to amend it, now music doesn’t work with Quicktime

The problem has fixed itself. I don’t really know why but I’ll call apple in the morning.

If you don’t already have it, I’d suggest you get some kind of diagnostic software, eg, Symantec. You can fix most of your problems without much trouble.

I realize you’ve already fixed the problem, but I couldn’t help think of the basic things for why you couldn’t hear anything. It’s always the simple things we overlook:

• Mute was enabled
• The volume control in iTunes was muted
• You had headphones jacked in
• You simply needed to reboot (half the time, doing this alone, will solve whatever ails your computer)

Anyway, if it wasn’t one of those obvious things, you can try running Apple’s diagnostic software Disc First Aid (found in the Applications/Utilities folder), it’s free and honestly i haven’t found Symantec’s to be much better. YMMV.

Also, TechTool Pro is a very nice diagnostic utility for OSX, if’n you want to pay for sumpthin’.

sweet, thanks all. I’ll definately try all of the things (symantec, techtool pro, Disc first aid). I want to keep this computer running smoothly. I’ve got a pile of video and sound edititing software on it and need it running smoothly.

I got a mac about a year ago and I’m still getting used to it. The thing that was weird about it is that once I played one of my movies I did (school projects) then itunes seemed to work. (I also reselected the output in system preferences after that but I dont’ know how that would have helped seeing as the video worked before that).

THanks all.