I use drugs moderately. What's wrong with this?

I take amphetamine to study, but I never increase the dose over time. I realize that I need breaks to reduce tolerance. What is wrong with this?

Nothing at all, if you can maintain it. Far too many people couldn’t when amphatmines were OTC.

When it was OTC, was the recommended dosage way too high?

Are the drugs prescribed? Is a prescription required?

Are they being taken as intended by the manufacturer?

The answer is probably: there is only something “wrong” so far as the gov’t is concerned. Nobody else gives two shits. Keep your habit moderated, don’t hurt nobody, and nobody will ever know to care.

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Is there a SDMB rule against discussing current illegal drug use? that is, if this is something illegal.

I thought the rule was about “advocating,” not discussing. We discuss murder and rape here all the time. We don’t advocate though

As long as it doesn’t negatively impact your life (or anyone around you), there’s nothing wrong with it.

You might be enjoying it, that’s what’s wrong!

Are you breaking any laws?

Drugs are bad. You should be able to study without them. Damn slacker kids these days

Feeling down? Need a boost? [SIZE=“4”]Try PeppO Brand Pep Pills![/SIZE] was about how the advertising went. I never got to read the boxes.

Even if they are, why would that be WRONG? Sure it might be a legal risk, but not wrong and only they can decide whether the risk is worth it.

There are plenty of countries where being gay, or having gay sex is still illegal even if not enforced. So would breaking the law be wrong?

Plenty of people use drugs moderately: alcohol and tobacco included.

I use alcohol moderately. In fact sometimes when I think I’ll have trouble falling asleep a couple of drinks works wonders.

So what?

Few people use tobacco in moderation, it tends to be an all-day-every-day drug.
Some do. But statistically, nearly all tobacco users are chronic abusers.

Is it wrong to live as a part of a society yet thumb your nose at the collectively agreed upon set of rules that have been established under which that society functions?

Is it right to obey a law you find morally repugnant?

That is the same issue with amphetamines. Very few people can maintain positive control or properly use that class of drugs without the drug controlling them. The results are devastating.

In many cases, no.

This would be cause for introspection as the law exists; so as a whole, my society doesn’t share my viewpoint and I would need to understand why such an immense disparity exists in what seems so clear to me. Perhaps civil disobedience is the correct action, perhaps not.