I used to be 1920s Style "Death Ray"

As per this thread, I have changed user name from 1920s Style “Death Ray” to Richard Pearse.

Ah. I was looking at your username and thinking, “Hm, if he’s been around so long, how come I’ve never noticed him before?”

Was the addition of custom titles a factor in the change?

If it were me, I’d have gone with Pearse’s nickname instead: Bamboo Dick.

Sounds like someone who wants a blow job from a panda.

Pandas have more teeth and general viciousness than their cute appearance would suggest.

That’s why theiy’re known as bamboo dicks.

Panda Dentata and risotto, Hmmm fusion!

Oh boo-boo. I loved “1920s Style Death Ray,” though I must say your custom user title is nice.

Incidentally, do you know who Matthew B. Sellers is?

I’m doing the same thing, I don’t identify the name with me yet, I keep thinking, “who’s Richard Pearce and why is he in all of the threads I’m subscribed to?”

The custom titles prompted me to become a member again, I’d let my Charter Member status lapse some time ago (so that’s a win for the SDMB, I’m now paying twice as much as I was.) The name change was just something I’d been thinking about for years but never got around to. Xash was changing my username while trouble shooting a database error problem I was having, so it seemed like a good time to change to something that I more closely identify with, i.e, aviation and New Zealand.

I think it was well passed its prime.

No, but I soon will…

…ok, I’m going through links, looks interesting so far. (Isn’t the internet grand?)

Ellen Cherry, do you have a particular interest in Matthew B. Sellers? I’m thinking I might buy the biography.

And in time you’ll learn to spell your new name. :smiley:

:D, yes I need to work on that.

I’ve been to the field where he made this “flight” where a statue has been out up to commemorate it. But it must be noted that Pearse himself didn’t consider his achievement as a real contender, and flight may have been very different if they had taken his craft design’s lead.

Don’t worry I’m not trying to start a Richard Pearse/Wright Brothers Pavlova war :D. I just think it’s an interesting piece of NZ history.

The public television network where I work is airing an independent documentary about him, and I just wrote a story about it for our program guide. The author of the book, Sellers’ granddaughter, is interviewed. The filmmaker is from the little Kentucky county where Sellers is from.

I knew you and now I won’t.

Thanks for edumacating me.

And by the way - what war? Everybody knows NZ invented the pavlova, and those durned aussies stole it. They are welcome to the Lamington though, but should give up on Phar Lap already…

They can have Russel Crowe too.

Yeah but we’re totally keeping the other cousins though.

And by the way, while we’re at it - to all 'Mercans, just remember that the Millen brothers of Pike’s Peak fame hail from NZ…