I visited a very old mill today.

I Visited Eling Tide Mill ( http://users.argonet.co.uk/users/eling.tidemill/sitem.html ) near Southampton(UK) today; it was absolutely fascinating and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who might ever find themself in the area (Just in case you do, it’s only open Wed-Sun and check the tide tables first ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/southampton/weather/tides.shtml ) to make sure your visit coincides with low tide so that you’ll see the mill in action).

The mill itself, although small, is packed with interest - it’s like stepping back in time - You can walk all around the mill and see the milling in action from every angle; the current building and setup has been there since the 1770s, but there has been a mill there for at least 900 years, probably much longer.

It’s (apparently) the only working tide mill in western Europe and you can buy their stoneground wholemeal flour for a very reasonable price in the little gift shop there; we bought a couple of bags and went home to make bread, which was without doubt the best loaf I have ever made.

That is very cool. I have never seen a tide driven Mill. We used to live about 15 miles from a working mill in Ohio.


Not nearly so old as the one you visited but very interesting none-the-less.