I Wanna Be aFreakin Billionaire-Two Versions?

I like this song…it summarizes a young man’s longing for wealth and power. I swear that there are two versions of this…the one not played on the radio is “I wanna be a fckin billionaire, so fckin bad”.
What would happen if the nasty version was broadcast?

The skies would melt.

Dogs and cats would probably start living together.

This gets heavy rotation on VH-1, and every time I hear it I question the decision to have “the F word” in the chorus. Why even write that line when you know damned well it will never be played in its original form? Plus, “freakin’” is just . . clunky. Aside from it being one of my least favorite euphemisms it just calls attention to itself. Good song, though!

I’m generally curious about what kind of answer ralph was interested in getting. Honestly, how are we supposed to answer “what would happen if this song with naughty words got played”? What possible answer could there be that’s not instantly obvious to anyone who spends a second thinking about it?

Not that I expect ralph to respond.

I hate that song, mainly because of the clunky chorus. For a light, fun song, the f-bomb just hits the wrong note. And using “freaking” just grates. Other than that it’s not bad. What up, Oprah?

I asked the question because the “f*ck” version is being used, as background music in the Brazilian telenovela “Ti Ti Ti” (TV Globo).
Obviously, most of the target audience doesn’t know or care about the words used. In the USA, I imagine there would be a congressional subcommittee set up to investigate this outrage.

The two versions i’ve heard are the regular one and the remix with a buncha rappers.

I suspect the reason the song was written with the word in the chorus even though it’ll likely get censored on the radio is because the radio isn’t the be-all and end-all of music promotion anymore. The internet, where artists don’t have to worry about censoring their naughty swears, is now a powerful promo tool, and the song can be experienced freely there with naughty swears intact.

Someone would complain to the FCC, who would start an investigation and likely find the radio station responsible and fine them.

I was listening to the radio a while back, and they played something with “fuck” in it. Some crazy lady called the station and went nuts on the DJ, and he proceeded to apologize profusely, on air. He then played Candlebox’s “You”, which screams “fuck you” in the chorus.


*Come around town
Steal another dime
Don’t you push your drugs in my face
Yes, I’m feeling
Feeling fine
Don’t you push your drugs in my face
Or I’m gonna put you in your place
Fuck you
I don’t want it no more
And it’s mine
Said this pain in my heart is all mine
Yes, it’s mine all alone *

So, that could happen.

You make a good point, still I would assume that radio play is still a major source of exposure, no? I’m honestly asking, as I, and old fogey, don’t seek out music on the internet. Come to think of it, I haven’t actually heard this particular song on the radio; only seen it on the Vh-1.