I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game

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Has anyone played? There are some videos on Youtube and it looks just absurdly impossible. Every time you think it couldn’t get any harder, something happens that makes you think how could anyone have seen that coming? I haven’t played yet; it’s freeware but I’m busy with Mega Man IX at the moment and I can’t decide if I even want to get sucked in to a game that looks this hard. I could see it being very addictive. It almost looks like something that belongs on a life-list. Beat I Wanna Be The Guy.

It’s part of a new style of games referred to as platform hell. The whole point is to be unfairly difficult.

I wouldn’t mind the crazy completely unfair level design if it wasn’t for the fact that the controls are unresponsive as well. Since there are a lot of spots that require split second timing it just grates when you know exactly what you have to do but can’t because the jump button only works half the time on a platform that’s moving down (to use one example).

I played it for about an hour and managed to get to the second screen in both the upper and lower levels. That was about it. It was really really hard, although I think I could have memorized more of the patterns if I’d had a real controller to play with, and not my keyboard.

I watched the videos on Youtube of somebody completing the entire game. That’s as close as I’ll ever come to ever playing that game. It was interesting to watch, but I know if I tried to play it I would completely dismantle my computer in a fit of rage while yelling things that are not appropriate for children under the age of 12 to hear.

The jump button doesnt work on moving platforms because you are walking off the platform, then trying to jump. You have to jump just a smidge earlier, then all is well. I made the same mistake, much to my frustration.
IWBTG:TM:TG is cool, though i admit i beat it on the easiest setting, which has save points everywhere, so you rarely have to redo a lot. The biggest annoyance? The bosses have unskippable entrances/cutscenes. So when you die, and you will, lots, its not a 10s run back, its a 10s run back to the boss, followed by a 45s wait for them to make their entrance. GAAAAAAAAAAAHH!

Maybe, but that’s still unresponsive. If I hit the button when I think I’m on the platform and it doesn’t process the jump until I’m off it then it feels wrong. It seemed to me, though, that it was cycling the platform movement and character movement separately with the jump processing occurring when the button was pressed.

Interface is something that a lot of amateur game designers screw up on. It’s not extremely difficult to smooth over the interface bumps but it typically requires getting an external perspective, a willingness to acknowledge that the design decisions might not be the best ones, and being willing to put a bit of effort into something that doesn’t show immediate returns from the designer perspective.

The worst part about this type of game is you have no idea if your criticism was INTENTIONAL or not. For example, “Nintendo Hard” IS characterized by having somewhat lousy controls (for some games). So if something screws up, or something in unfrustratingly uskippable (referring to waiting for entrances from bosses) it may have been an intended “bug.”

It makes me want to invoke this on them (+ mouseover text, of course):

But I can’t bring myself to do it.