I wanna Hoodsie. That'd be wicked pissah.

The othah day I wuz on my way tah Kenmoah Squeah, t’ see thah Sox kick th’ Yankeez ass (Yankeez suck wickid hahd, btw), and even though I got a frank wit’ kraut ‘n mustid, I wuz thinkin’, Jeez, it’s wickid hot out, an’ woodn’ it be bettah tah have a Hoodsie? Those ah wickid good.

I heah Durgin Pahk is gonna have a wicked awesome pahty inna coupla weeks.

Is it me, or do Hoodsies only taste authentic when eaten with those little wooden paddles? I was recently served a Hoodsie (at a birthday party) with a plastic spoon, and it just didn’t seem right.

Yah can’t eaddah Hoodsie with ah plastic spoon! The wood ads to th’ flavah!

It’s bettah when you wash it down with a tonic.

Don’t have 'em with beah. It’ll make ya bahf.

WTF is a hoodsie?

How 'bout a frappe - do those figure into a tahk on Bahstin cuisine?

Yah, they got frappes. Don’t let no one heah you say “malted” though.

And jimmies. Ya gotta have jimmies.


Those m&ms are totally aftermarket additions.

I always understood “hoodsie”, in reference to a youthful female “townie” (who probably, despite her young age and short stature, sported “wicked big haiah”, otherwise know as a “haiah wall”), derived from a reference to her bra cup size.

Anyway, I wanna Hoosie, not a hoodsie.