I want a new Dawn of the Dead movie...

So the original movie was in 1978 and the remake (which I love) was in 2004.

Both movies were fun and both movies explored some social mores.

I could see a new one doing things like:

having McRonalds employees fighting Flick Filet employees over resources.

I am really wanting to see combines (the farming implement vehicles) taking down zombies.

A mid-western resort (yes, we have those) being the bastion.

And sex, guns and some really good rock -n-roll songs for the background music.

With the usual probably everyone dead ending (can’t change it too much).

The social mores could be having a Muslim (or Jew, Native American, or Agnostic) as one of the protagonists, a gay person (male, female… whomever the scriptwriter makes as long as they make the person fun/interesting*), a family, a psychopath (because… why not?) and, of course, a cute kid… who gets killed.

I kind of prefer a movie with a start, middle and ending to a tv series which can go on and on and …

*no matter who they make/cast… if they are boring who will care about them?

Frog right?

I don’t much care for this years offerings either.


Only about a tenth of zombie movies are any good… despite the fact that I’m quite fond of them.

And the ones that are any good are either comedies, or tackle some serious issues, either political, social, or interpersonal.

It ain’t as easy as it looks.

I would say 1/10 are watchable. 1/100 are good. But I suppose that goes for all of everything, not just zombie movies.

Well, Sturgeon’s Law = 90% of everything is crap.

I’ve seen about every zombie movie I could get my hands on, ever since the original *Dawn Of The Dead *amazed me back in the eighties. And I am here to tell you that Sturgeon’s Law holds true: only about one in ten of them was at all entertaining, much less what I would call “good.” That may be to some extent the fault of the Italians, who apparently went completely gonzo over the original DOTD and promptly pumped out zombie movies in the eighties the way we pumped out horse operas in the fifties. And like our westerns, most of their gutmunchers were eminently forgettable.

Both Dawn Of The Dead movies were good, albeit for different reasons. The first one built nicely on NOTLD, and had some interesting things to say about consumerism; the second movie was a nice actioner, even if it sort of depended on saying some of the same things about consumerism. The only thing I really didn’t like about it was its introduction of the Track Star Zombie who can sprint forever and never get tired…

Have you even seen the original?

Two of the four main characters survive

Anyway, no offense, but most of the things you list as wanting in a new “Dawn of the Dead” sound kinda bad to me.

I would want to see that, yeah.

In the alternate ending,

The “survivors” commit suicide