I want a Vapor Shot!

I have a cold. I’m miserable. My head is stuffy and my throat is sore. All my muscles hurt. I feel like I have little bugs crawling around under my skin.

I want a Vapor Shot!. I don’t want to buy them off eBay. Somehow, that strikes me as not a very good idea. I also don’t want to wait for them.

Why can’t I find them in the stores near me? I’ve checked 3 different grocery store chains, 3 different pharmacy chains, and 4 different online pharmacys. I’ve spent the last hour searching for any information on the discontinue or recall of these things and I can’t find anything.

Where are my Vapor Shots!?

You could try Vick’s VapoRub instead - it’s got a strong menthol smell to it and that usually helps clear me up, at least for a little bit.

That’s all I ever use. Rub some on the chest to let the vapours rise up into the nasal passages, then some on the back to help alleviate coughing. For a straight-up shot of menthol you can smear a bit below your nose, though I find this rather uncomfortable.

Strong mentholated gum can also help for a brief period, or you can get Halls mentholated strips, which are like those Listerine Pocket Packs, but with an extra shot of menthol.

Pot of boiling water on stove.

Put spoonful of vicks vapor rub into pot.

Put towell over head and pot.

I love how VapoRub works, but I hate the way it feels. I have been known to walk around carrying a bottle, just sniffing it. That slimy squishy feeling on my chest makes me feel all oogy.

I like the Vapor Shots because they’re easier to use at work. I can take a break and sit in the back with a cup under my chin. They also work much faster than VapoRub and the results last longer (for me anyway).

I’m feeling like an idiot right now because I gave my last tablet to my boss, without checking first to make sure I could get more. He was happy. I am not.

Kevbo , that’s an excellent idea. I now just have to work up the ambition to go to the store. Considering how long it took me to take a shower, it might be a while.

In a pinch, you can open a jar of horseradish, and sniff that. Surprisingly effective.

Or better still, snarf a wad of wasabi. That’ll clear up the sinuses right quick – and if taken in large enough doses, may sear them shut entirely.