I want one of these computer keyboards so bad, but the price!

I lust for it but $ 129.00 for a keyboard? Anyone own one of these? What did you think of it?
The “Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate”.

Das site

Check out the blank version! Click on “ultimate” header at top once you click on the site link above…

Typists used to be trained with a cover over the keyboard so that they would memorize the keys faster. It was very effective.

Why spend the money though? Just buy and old keyboard and type like mad until the lettering wears off. Several letters are completely gone from the keyboard I am using right now.

Because it has the elements of a toy that spoils you. It is expensive for a keyboard, yet is still not a lot of money. I get it.

You could spend about half the money and get one of these.

Silly waste of money, IMO. Triumph of marketing over sanity.

Ooooh… blank keyboard… ooooooooh. With every stroke, gently soothes would-be touch-typists through their crumbling midlife. Bonus PS/2 connection hearkens back to the classics and irrelevant gold plating enhances the “overpaid executive” experience. Pair it with a Das Opaque Windshield and Das Braille Speedometer in matching black for the ultimate in tactile-enhanced, beyond-visual living! Batman would be proud… if he had glaucoma.

10 most expensive keyboards. (2007)

Optimus Maximus. Each key is a OLED and changes symbol to match the keyboard layout chosen. $2400

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Happy Hacking is still my favourite keyboard.

It also suffers from a niche price, though. (~$70)

Psh, kids these days…is used to be that $150 was the CHEAPEST you could by a keyboard for…

My mini-keyboard for the server rack is in the mail…and costs $15. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an old IBM keyboard that is showing its wear.
I may well get one of these, because I TYPE for a living, and I’ll bet I can get my company to pay for this.

Seriously, the ctrl-C and ctrl-V make weird squeaky noises now.
What the heck am I supposed to do if this keyboard goes belly up?

Here is an interesting pair of, umm, keyboard.

“[J]oystick controller located just behind the front zipper.”

You can’t make up stuff like this!

You know you want it - buy it. $130 bucks won’t hurt the mortgage.

Not all mechanical switch keyboards behave the same, either. I have a Unicomp keyboard that is an absolute beast and I love it. It’s supposed to be, fundamentally, a copy of the old IBM model M keyboards although I’ve never used one of them.

Also for cheaper than that keyboard, at ~$80, Siig sells a mechanical switch keyboard that feels almost exactly like how I remember my Selectric II feeling. However, the fact that my Unicomp keyboard is nowhere close to wearing out means I can’t justify buying the Siig one now. ):

So I say get it.

(on a side note, when I bought my Unicomp three years ago, I had to order it online. Now I can go to friggin’ Fry’s and have my choice of two! Two mechanical-switch keyboards! I feel vindicated)

It pays to shop around when overpaying for a keyboard: ThinkGeek’s got that one for a mere $1600.

Seriously, though, I wonder how many of those they’ve ever sold. I’d think at $250, they’d sell like hotcakes, but I can’t imagine many folks will drop a grand and a half on a keyboard, no matter how cool.

If you spend 8 hours a day on a keyboard, even a 5% increase in your satisfaction is probably worth $150 once every five years.

I’m intrigued by the slant on the keys but I don’t believe any non-ergo keyboard could be as comfortable as the split and reverse tilt of the Microsoft 4000 I’m using at the moment. I keep meaning to buy one of the Mostromo hand controllers for gaming, just for curiosity. But there’s always something else I need to buy instead.

If someone made one of those OLED keyboards in the same form factor and build quality as the Microsoft 4000 or Natural Ergonomic, I’d gladly spend several hundred on it.

So when I bring it home and plug it in and in five minutes spill coffee on it…Well insert your own joke here :smiley:

That said, it does look like a nice keyboard. It’s like flying first class, it doens’t get your there any faster, but if you can afford it, why not?

Here’s what I want at the office.

A retro computer!