I want one of those sun-clock things

You know what I’m talking about, right? One of those clocks that has a map of the surface of the Earth, and the area that is illuminated by sunlight lit up? Usually it has a true “clock” on the top/bottom of it.

I want one! Not terribly large, but not tiny either. Does anyone know where I can buy one over the net? Prefferebly a Canadian store if thats not asking too much.


Here is a sun clock screensaver
Haven’t found one to buy yet.

I think the most well-known manufacturer of these type of clocks is Geochron. Their homepage is at http://www.geochron.net/

They’re not cheap, though. These clocks only seem to come in one size (33 1/4" by 22 1/2") and the list price ranges from $1325 to $2395 (US dollars).

If you actually wanted something smaller than this, maybe a cheap PC running the screen-saver and an LCD display that you could hang on the wall would be the way to go…

Thanks! That is exactly what I wanted!

You are right through… not exactly cheap. I was expecting to pay a few hundred bucks not a couple grand… and I don’t think anyone else makes one.

I appreciate your finding them though! Maybe I can talk the wife into one!

These are executive toys. They are not scientific instruments. The areas they show with sunlight only vaguely approximate the truth (at best). There was one at a Univ. I used to work at. The boundary was aways a simple sine wave. But note that on the equinoxes the boundaries should go straight up and down. It was such a poor representation that it was kept near the cafeteria. No science department wanted it anywhere near them.

There are better science gizmos to throw your money at.


No need to buy anything http://www.time.gov/timezone.cgi?Eastern/d/-5/java

Or you could just go Here

*Sun is

in light

It is

in dark

I’m so glad they cleared that up for me.test


where did that come from?

You might want to check out xearth at http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~tuna/xearth/

>> Sun is shining in light region
>> It is night in dark region.

>> I’m so glad they cleared that up for me

Please note it is a government site. You are probably overestimating them.