I want that pasta pot. Does that make me a bad person?

You know that pasta pot that is beind advertized on commercials and infomercials… it’s one of those buy it now for $19.95 and get X Y and Z FREE FREE FREE sort of deals.

…but it looks really cool. And you get two of them, and one of the free things is one of those little chopper dealies that I have been wanting to try anyway…

…so am I a bad person for being sucked in by one of these sold-on-tv products?

(I haven’t bought one, I just want it… so that may redeem me)


OH CRAP!!! What’s the number again!!!

scrambles for the phone

Which one? There are two competing models, you know. One has the twist-to-lock lid, the other has lid-locking clips built into the handles and has a second set of holes.

Ha-ha! Now I’ve given you a quandary!

Listen, don’t not believe everything you see on TV. I bought a chia pet and haven’t looked back…

I think she’s talking about the PastaPro. And you don’t have to get sucked into buying it from tv - they have a website!!

I want one too!

I am thinking the same thing as KneadToKnow. There is the PastaPro, and the other I think is called the PastaPot Express, or something. They both come with the small pot, and one comes with a cheese grater and pasta spoon, and I think the other has the hand chopper. A word on those hand choppers, not as good as you think. There are a couple good ones, they come apart and you can clean the inside. These cheap ones, though, are crappy, have dull blades, and food gets stuck on the inside…nasty.

Oh, and the website for the pasta pot express is http://www.tvinventions.com

My teenagers, aged 18 and 16, were completely convinced that we needed to call NOW and order the Pasta Pot. Then along came the commercial for the Pasta Pro. “What a deal! Mom, call NOW! I really like that thing, and look at all the neat stuff you get with it!”

Of course, they seemed to forget that neither of them cook, but I guess that is beside the point. They have even taken to dropping everything they are doing if a commercial from “InventionTV” (I think that is what it is called) comes on.:rolleyes:

I have to admit that I was intrigued by it, too. I really like the idea. But I wonder just how cheapy they are.

I will probably never actually buy one, but I admit the temptation. So no, that doesn’t make you a bad person.

I won’t let it be!!!

No, it doesn’t make you a bad person. The gadget in question is handy-looking, and they make an excellent case as to why you would want one. This is “salesmanship”, is all. I think the whole deal’s a little overpriced, but that doesn’t make it sleazy or wrong.

Although I am here to tell you that I once worked for a place that took those 1-800 calls to order products… and we didn’t care whether you called within the next ten minutes or NOT. You still got the “free” stuff…

So don’t feel pressured. They just want you to dive for the phone and call NOW instead of taking your time and thinking about it!

I don’t care what you call it: the Pasta Pro: Pasta Express: The Ronco Rigatoni Wrangler its just a pot with a perforated lid. What could go wrong. I say, Get One.

Nah, you’re not a bad person. HOWEVER, if the product had been advertised by Billy Mays and you still wanted it, well, that’d be a different story!

Oh, and BTW, both are on eBay! Surely buying it from eBay HAS to give you some warm fuzzy karma points.

Another thing I really want is one of those ultra-dangerous looking things that is like a little Handful Of Death with like 4 pizza cutter blades side by side that you roll around like a Hotwheels car over your various choppables and they’re all cut up in no time.

They do look kinda neat. My only reservation is that they must be made of some really chintzy aluminum to be that cheap.

…but you can say “vroom vroom vrooooom!” while preparing dinner! I mean, sure, I do that anyway, but this would make it so much better!

My 5 year old came to me the other day and told me I had to have one of those pots, because “it’s got holes in it to drain the water so you don’t burn your hands or drop the spaghetti into the sink, and it’s so strong it won’t even let potatos fall out, and when you turn the lid, it locks!” He was so excited.

What makes it funny is that (and don’t hate me for this) he has a speech disability, and sounds slighly like Groucho Marx with a bad Snidley Whiplash accent. So what you get is…

“You vot to vet tat pot, cuz it vots holes in it to drain the water so you don’t burn your hands or vrop the pasvettie into the sink, and it’s so trong it von’t even let toetatoes fall out, and when you turn the lid, it locks!”

He’s gotten much better, though.


ha! sounds like my calculus teacher in college (as if calculus weren’t hard enough already)

Well… My mother in law ordered a set of those for us for Christmas (I think it’s the kind that has a cheese grater and spoon), but it’s on backorder. I could let you know how it works when I get it.

…my wife has already given me the “two pots come into the house, two existing pots leave” speech. I tried to tell her that I didn’t buy them, but she insists that that doesn’t matter.

We’ve got a huge bag full of glasses and cups on the backporch awaiting better weather to be given away with a free sign because we got a set of glasses from the mother in law for christmas, too.