I want to be frozen

After I die that is. No, not crygenics so my head can be used as a sight gag on Futurama but a new method of burial used in Sweden. Swedes now have the option of being frozen in liquid nitrogen then shattered into dust. The powdered remains are buried in a biodegradable coffin allows the contents to enrich the soil. I read about it in all places The Lutheran magazine.

Give the worms a bellyache?

Yeah really… you’d probably give them a MAJOR case of indigestion! :eek:

The thread title reminds me of what happened once at a friend’s house in November, though. There was about 25+ of us, and we were all crowded around the computer, looking at the three Star Wars[sup]TM[/sup]: Attack of the Clones trailers.

One of our friends (Karen) made the comment that she couldn’t wait until May to see the movie, so her boyfriend’s sister (Nancy) replied that maybe we should deep-freeze her body so she wouldn’t be aware of the time that had passed between then and now. I clarified, “You mean like cryogenics?” Nancy was enthusiastic about that possibility, let me tell you! :smiley:

In college, we were using liquid nitrogen in our physics lab to study super conductivity. We ended up finishing the lab early so, like all good physics students, we proceeded to freeze stuff and shatter it. Our friend Andre was wandering the halls in at this time (I must stress, he was NOT a physics major) and came in to see what we were up to. As we entertained ourselves, the conversation naturally turned to cryogenics, specifically as it relates to patients with terminal illness. Andre mulls over the idea of being cryogenically frozen, and comes out with, “Man, that must hurt.”
As for what’s to be done with me when I die, I want to tell everyone that I’m being cremated only to secretly be run through a big blender and mixed into the dip served at my wake.