I want to bring CastletonSnob1 to the ops' attention

@CastletonSnob was given at least one Official Warning by the ops for repeatedly beating the topic of “the South is horrible” into the ground. He has since made another account, @CastletonSnob1, and is doing the same thing.

Have you reported this to the mods?

I’ve reported two of @CastletonSnob1’s threads to the mods, yes.

He hasn’t used his original profile since the conversion. June of 2020.

Are you saying he had a warning for a thread like this before June 2020?

It looks like he’s picking up a warning currently.

We are aware of the user.

The second account appears to have been due to the switch to Discourse. While we can restore access to your original account, we are not punishing people for creating new accounts due to access issues related to the software switch.

Please flag any further issues.