I want to buy a laptop for specific purposes

I am wanting a laptop for college, mostly for WiFi internet access, microsoft word, watching DVDs and to carry some of my MP3 files.

Hard drive space isn’t a big concern as I can always burn my MP3 files onto data CD-Rs and carry them in a pouch instead of just putting them on the hard drive.

As far as DVDs, I already have a portable DVD player so I don’t need a DVD-ROM in the laptop. I can just use that and hook it up to the laptop. I may need a CD-ROM though, but not a burner.

On ebay used laptops with 20GB storage and about 800Mhz processor speeds go for about $300. What all would I need to add to the laptop to use it for my purposes?

I would assume some kind of video card that allows me to attach my portable DVD player to it to watch DVDs on the bigger screen. Also some kind of portable mouse (I dislike those keypad mice) and probably some extra RAM, maybe a 256MB stick.

How do I get WiFi access on a laptop?

WHat brand should I Look at? Toshiba, Dell, Sony, IBM, apple?

I would look at the college’s website. Mine recommended certain computers that would work better with their network.