I Want to Change Careers Into Some Type of Nursing. What is the Best Way?

I am getting sick of Corporate America and I want to change fields. Becoming a nurse has always caught my eye but I would want to go into the more manly nursing fields like ER nursing. I already have a prestigious undergraduate degree and a year of grad school in behavioral neuroscience. I only lack a few courses for the prerequisites into nursing but after that, I am lost. There are community college nursing programs nearby but that doesn’t seem right for someone like me.

What is the best thing I could do? Any and all advice is appreciated.

Penn has some kind of accelerated nursing post-bac that you could look into.

Since you have a BA (BS?) already, what you may want to look for are sometimes called bridge programs. These are nursing degrees that are Master’s. Probably the same thing that ultrafilter mentioned for Penn. Here’s another: http://www.nursing.vanderbilt.edu/msn/options.html

There are MSN degrees, but nursing above, say the LPN/CNA level is very competitive. The entry level is typically a BSN with an RN as a license. Advanced careers involve advanced degrees - MSN/DSN with an advanced practice license / APRN or CNP.

Moreover, the admission requirements for competitive MSN programs involve prior experience at the BSN/RN level.

Don’t burn any bridges until you have to. Trust me on this one.

Not to knock your choices or anything, but manly nursing roles? ER nurse or not, you’re going to have to do stuff like give patients spongebaths, change their bedding and stuff like that. Certainly during your training and probably for some extended time after that. Let’s just say there will be a lot of coping necessasry with peoples’ least pleasant bodily fluids.

Me myself, I’m not man enough for that.

Yeah, I started to address that part in my reply, but just decided I didn’t have the energy. LOL

I am not squeamish in the least. I have dissected human brains as well as many other body parts. I am also the solo parent to two young daughters for hours or days on end. The lack of shock for the “gross factor” is something that makes me think I would be good at it.

I went to the emergency room for something not that serious three months ago and got admitted into a room. Right after that, 5 teenagers involved in a high speed SUV collision with a tree were rushed in. Two were already dead and two of the others died not 20 feet in front of me. The driver was was the only one alive when I was discharged and the nurses were debating whether to tell him that he had killed all his friends. It was horrible but I admired the way that everyone worked and made me want to be an ER nurse. I ultimately want to be a Medevac nurse because I really love aviation as well.