I want to earn a second income

I’ve been researching around and found two appealing sites and signed up for them, one was IMreportcard.com a website which you earn money by doing reviews and Clickbank.com where you can affiliate website links to earn commission.

Ok two things,

Is this the right way to go or is it one of those websites where you earn like $14 over a 6 month period, and 000000.1% earn like $20,000 a month


Should I look more into investing a little of my hard earned cash in my current job into actual stocks

Thing is I want to do the latter, however some of them require a minimal investment of like $5000, $1000 a pop and I don’t have that money, I got bills to pay and food to eat.

Which is the best bet? And how can I get around the difficulty in the latter situation I described?

I am not an expert on affiliates marketing, but like most ‘it sounds too good to be true’ deals, you need to invest ungodly amount of time into it. Assuming you are doing banner/link affiliations, you need to get a website up, drive traffic to it and at the same time engage in some questionable techniques which bypass web surfers’ privacy.

Do check out the minimal withdrawal for both sites, at any rates. For example, banner advertising only let you withdraw once you hit a certain amount (Google ad-words is one example). Also there are tales of such companies canceling accounts when they accumulate enough for lots of withdrawal (even Google has its share of people who complain about this).

My personal suggestion is to find a source revenue through eBay or some such, but it’s not easy either. Good luck!