I Want To $ell My Body!!!

Which of these things can I $ell-

Bone Marrow?
Hair follicles??

Do you need to have attended college to be a sperm donor-even if you are a certifiable genius? And how much $$$ will I get??

You can get money for anything someone is willing to pay for. However, most formalized donations are just that…donations (as in you get no money).

A few things you can get money for. Blood plasma will be paid for as the procedure takes awhile and can leave donors a little weak afterwards. Regular blood is merely donated.

Sperm is almost always paid for as it isn’t a necessity. If someone wants some then they are probably willing to pay for it assuming picking someone up at a bar is not something they want to do. The smarter you are the more valuable your sperm is. If you are a certified genius with a clean medical family history your sperm is the most valuable. I don’t think going to college matters except that going to a good college and graduating with honors is a pretty good way of actually certifying you are indeed smart.

Bone marrow isn’t usually paid for as it seems a bit mercenary to do so. It is exceedingly difficult to find a matching donor for a bone marrow transplant and the person requiring one will likely die at some not too distant point if they don’t get it. Still, I suppose the donor could demand some payment for this. It is a pretty intrusive procedure and not lightly undertaken. You can be tested and placed on a bone marrow donor list but I do not know the restrictions placed on this.

Of course eyes, heart, liver and other stuff can be donated but usually these are done when you’re dead. I’ve never heard of anyone paying the family of the deceased for organs. If you started that then rich people would get help and poor (or not so wealthy) people would be screwed. The 85 year old rich industrialist with cancer could buy a new heart in place of a middle class and otherwise healthy teenager. That doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

Urine, earwax and so on are so ubiquitous and easy to give up it is hard to see why anyone would pay for it.

Have you tried eBay? :slight_smile:

Where I’m from, SE WI, you can get about $40 for donating plasma; however, I believe they only allow you to do this once each month for your own sake. If you want to sell the whole of your blood, contact a vampiric cult. Be forewarned: their methods of collection may be less sanitary than you’d hoped.

Whack-A-Mole couldn’t have described your marrow options better. Go ahead, sap it out and put it in a coffee can or something in case your opportunity ever arrises.

Hair also may be donated (check out Locks of Love for details here: http://www.locksoflove.org ) and I understand if the quality is right, some high end wig sellers will purchase it. At what price I can’t say, although you have to consider the cost of a warm hat when calculating your net gain. As for other hair, I hear market values on eyebrows are raising. (grooooan)

Sperm value in this area was last quoted to me at $1000 for 6 months worth. I’m a little hazy on the number of samples required (I was speechless upon realizing I could’ve bought a house…) but I think it was 10 healthy shots. They demand a physical and won’t even consider you if your family history isn’t cleaner than an Enron file cabinet. I read recently that male porn stars make on average $20 - 30 Gs yearly, and it’s a hell of a lot more fun to donate this way.

The real fast dough comes from selling your soul. Not likely to change your appearance (physically anyway) and deferred payment until the year … well, whenever you roll sixes.
That’s about it. Some eye-rollers I decided not to include:
When it comes to earwax, like snot, it’s really “pick your price.”
Limbs have offer the best value; these days anything worth having costs an arm and a leg.
The only real wasy to sell your liver is with some fava beans and I nice Chianti.

>> I Want To $ell My Body!!!

You have no business sense. You can make much more if instead of selling it you rent it by the hour.

Spoken like a true sailor.

I’m just kidding - really, I am. It just seemed too good to pass up.

Loompanics carries a book called Sell Yourself to Science, which tells you how you can sell your body parts for fun and profit! (A word of warning, those of you who’ve never heard of Loompanics and are easily offended are advised not to look through their catalog. They carry a little bit of everything, and you will no doubt find something that offends you quite easily. That being said, I don’t think that there’s anything on the site which violates board regs. If there is, mods, please delete the links and accept my most humble apologies.)